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I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

Now, in this current climate, who is it that’s throwing around these charges of no patriotism? So when I post this quote to you, you might think that some Republican leader gave this speech about the anti-war left that’s doing everything they can to defeat the country, that’s redefining patriotism as hatred and dislike and […]

HERE ARE SOME POST, THAT STAND THE TEST OF TIME… What I believe and what I know, combined… to make something more. Just think of this as Cliff Notes to my; Pride as an American, Passion as a Conservative, and Love of this great nation. I’m going to just keep adding to this… so… Stay […]

Another Liberal problem… followers, not leaders. – IMHO – FACT. Ronald Reagan had the American people behind him, and the American people in this country get what they want. Now, you might want to say that Reagan united the people, but he did it on the basis of policy. He did it on the basis […]