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WHAT IS MISSING FROM THIS LIST OF DECLARATIONS? FEMA 2010 Federal Disaster Declarations Number Date State Title 1917 05/24 Oklahoma Severe Storms, Tornadoes, and Straight-Line Winds 1916 05/14 Mississippi Severe Storms, Tornadoes, and Flooding 1915 05/13 South Dakota Flooding 1914 05/13 South Dakota Severe Winter Storm 1913 05/12 New Hampshire Severe Storms and Flooding 1912 […]

Last Monday in Washington, White House press briefing, US Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Thad Allen spoke about the oil disaster. During the Q&A a reporter ask, “Is there to this point, thought of whether the government can do more, can it push BP out of the way like Salazar said if it feels like the […]

CORRECTION:  UNION MEMBERS SENT HOME – NOT NON-UNION One thing you can count on with this site: If I make a mistake, it will be acknowledged and corrected.  This is one of those incidences, where an error was made. Statements referring to this error have been –crossed out-, but not deleted. The remaining statements are […]

This post has been expanded and continued as a permalink – See Page: OBAMA ACCOMPLISHMENTS: An ongoing Saga I probably should have named this “My WTF list” but, being a family friendly site, I will just leave it as is. Due to site technical issues, and missing the past month of events, I would like […]

Do you know what the construction unemployment number is? Construction unemployment — and it is understandable with new home sales at an all-time record low — is 27.1% in February. This despite the stimulus and the “shovel-ready jobs” that we were going to be paying for! When people don’t have work they lose their homes […]