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CORRECTION:  UNION MEMBERS SENT HOME – NOT NON-UNION One thing you can count on with this site: If I make a mistake, it will be acknowledged and corrected.  This is one of those incidences, where an error was made. Statements referring to this error have been –crossed out-, but not deleted. The remaining statements are […]

Obama accomplishments shine… like a dim bulb. This post has been expanded and continued as a permalink – See Page:  OBAMA ACCOMPLISHMENTS: An ongoing Saga In no particular order… The stimulus, slush fund has failed. How’s that “Hope and Change” working out for ya? Obamacare has been rejected by a large majority of Americans. The […]

NY Post: The Chevy Volt Could Lead to Blackouts You know the story the other day that the Chevrolet Volt is going to get something like 230 miles to the gallon? Adam Victor in the New York Post: “Sorry, the new Chevrolet Volt does not promise a ‘green’ revolution — indeed, the car could trigger […]

The arctic ice is as plentiful as it was in 1979. End of the year, 2008, arctic ice as plentiful as it was in 1979, and 1979 happened to be the year that TIME and Newsweek magazines both did cover stories on the coming ice age. DailyTech: Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level as […]

Well, it all started years ago with “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”. Now about 250 organizations in the United States and Canada are taking part in “Take Your Child Outside” week.It started in North Carolina last year, and quickly spread — because, say supporters, it will help to fight the maladies that affect our […]