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I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

Hypocrisy on parade, as the President stated: “This ends up a TEACHABLE MOMENT”!

First things first: Congratulations to the U.S. Military and God bless you all!! Congratulations President Obama. President Obama has done something extremely effective, and when he does, this needs to be pointed out. President Obama has continued the Bush policies of keeping a military presence in the Middle East. He did not scrub the mission […]

NYT Magazine: Obama and His Top Cabinet Members Shocking Level of Influence: SEIU Theme Song The SIMPLE Truth: Can you imagine if he had one-tenth the interest in private sector jobs that he does in union jobs? Do you realize that his focus on jobs is all about union jobs. We all know why. But […]

Obama Accomplishments: An ongoing saga, has been updated!! Closing out 2010, with a close look at Obama Accomplishments/Failures, depending on your prospective. This page will continue to be an ongoing assessment of the confusing and deteriorating accomplishments of the current administration. Please visit the link above, or click the Page link in the column to […]

A simple, straightforward, accurate portrayal of a Conservative Rally and a Liberal Rally. What a contrast. 8-28-2010 Restoring Honor Rally This Rally began with a member of the Boy Scouts reciting, along with the crowd, the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE (anyone remember that from school). Political Rally – NOT – No policies discussed, No politicians were […]