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I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

People see their liberty being taken away.  People see their freedom being taken away.  Old people see their health care being taken away.  They see it. They know what’s in the bill, and that’s why all this is happening.

And now the president of the United States is leading and promoting an intimidation of average American citizens, many of whom voted for him.

Do not think that all of these people showing up at town hall meetings are Republicans.  A lot of these people are Democrats.

Last night, McLean, Virginia.  The president of the United States, at a fundraiser and he basically just told the Republicans: Just get out of the way.


I expect to be held responsible for these issues because I’m the president.

But I don’t want the folks who created the mess — I don’t want folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking.  I want them just to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess.

I don’t mind cleaning up after them, but don’t do a lot of talking.  Am I wrong, Virginia?



This is not the man people thought they elected.  The people who made the mess? Once again he’s whining and moaning that somebody else gave me this mess.

Mr. President, two million people have lost their jobs since your “stimulus” bill was signed into law.

This economy is foundering ever since you came into office.  You have almost doubled the federal deficit this year and who knows what’s going to happen to the national debt.  But he doesn’t want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking.  He’s got a snitch website!  How in the world can he enforce this request or desire that he has for the folks who made the mess to just stop talking?


I need every one of you to knock on doors and make phone calls and get fired up once again so that we can go towards the future!

He is no longer the president.  He is a candidate.  He’s got a plan.  This thing is now called “health care.”

So the community organizer is organizing.  The community agitator is agitating.  The only one sending out organizing memos nationwide is President Barack Obama, and community agitators can’t start bitching when communities agitate.

Brad Miller is a Democrat Congressman from North Carolina. Now Brad Miller claims that hundreds of Congressmen have received death threats.  He offers no substantiation, and I’ve looked around.  I don’t see anywhere on the World Wide Web where hundreds of Congressmen have made charges similar to Miller’s.  Have you seen that?  Hundreds of Congressmen? The president of the United States travels around every day, 24/7.  The more he goes out, the more his poll numbers drop — and he’s out there every day pitching health care.  If he can do it, then certainly our precious little Congressmen can sure as hell meet with their constituents.

Associated Press:

“White House Advises Dems on Health Care Protests — Top White House officials counseled Democratic senators Thursday on coping with disruptions at public events on health care this summer, officials said, and promised the party and allies would respond with twice the force if any individual lawmaker is criticized in television advertising.”

Is it not amazing?  Here are our elected officials — members of the House of Representatives, the US Senate — and they have to get instructions from the White House on how to deal with their voters.

They have to get instructions from the White House, and the reason for this is the whole thing is a lie.

Everything they are selling is a lie, and they have to get instructions on how to sell the lie. The dirty little secret is Obama has to lie.  He can’t tell the truth.  This country is not what Obama is.  This country is not of the same values.  This country is not oriented in a core value way the way Obama is.  And more and more people in the country are seeing this.  And so when you’re a senator, a United States senator and you have to get instructions from the White House PR machine how to deal and talk to your voters, the translation is, “You’ve got to go out and lie this way.”

Now, what this is all about is the focus grouping they’ve done has forced them to change the terms.  It’s not health “care” reform.  It’s health “insurance” reform now and bashing the insurance companies.

Mark Tapscott at the Washington Examiner.

“Last week I wrote in this space that Obamacare could be the death of AARP because it would expose to the rank-and-file of the 40 million member seniors group how their Washington leaders have been taking them for a ride for many years. The AARP leadership scoffed at that suggestion, but check out the video of a Dallas AARP meeting in this post by Moe Lane at Red State. The leadership wanted to give the members the usual dog-and-pony show in favor of government-run health care, but the members weren’t buying it,” and as soon as the members said, “No, we don’t believe what you’re saying “the leaders got up and left. Evidently, you either sit down, shut up and listen to your leaders in AARP, or they abandon you.

“If it happened in Dallas,” it can happen in any other city in the country.

David Axelrod — who is Obama’s word-speechwriter guru — has also given instructions to Democrats via talking points.

“Axelrod and Jim Messina, the White House deputy chief of staff, met with the Senate Democratic caucus Thursday afternoon to strategize over how to talk about healthcare during the August break, and this is the famous meeting where they say, “If they hit you, we’re going to punch back twice as hard.”

This is from the White House.

Now, you’ve seen pictures.  I’m sure you’ve been on the websites.  You haven’t seen the pictures on television; the Media’s not talking much about this.  But you’ve seen the pictures of these people.  They are the most harmless, blend-into-the-crowd people.  A couple of them may be wearing suits.  But they are not even all that dressed up.  A lot of them are elderly.  They are nonthreatening.  They have made no threatening moves. They have made no threatening remarks. Nothing whatsoever.

Obama sends out his army.

This is Mussolini-type stuff.

This is the president of the United States who cannot deal with opposition.  There will not be any.  He is going to silence it.  He’s sending his union thugs out to physically assault, in some cases, and to in all cases intimidate average Americans who just want some answers.  And nobody’s willing to provide them the answers.

All they’re getting is lies.

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