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NYT Magazine: Obama and His Top Cabinet Members

Shocking Level of Influence:

SEIU Theme Song

The SIMPLE Truth:

Can you imagine if he had one-tenth the interest in private sector jobs that he does in union jobs? Do you realize that his focus on jobs is all about union jobs.

We all know why. But imagine if he had that kind of energy and interest for private sector jobs.

Teachers unions, SEIU, the AFSCME, all the rest, they deserve all they can get, all they can grab. We pay for it.

They somehow are entitled. They somehow have been screwed over by this country all these years, and now it’s their turn.

It just so happens that a chunk of what all these unions are grabbing from the taxpayers somehow managed to wind up in the Democrat Party’s war chests.

At the end of the day, isn’t that interesting?

No wonder he wants union guys to work. They have to pay dues that end up in his war chest. No wonder he wants more union jobs. How’s that for spreading the wealth around?

The redistribution of wealth means stealing from the taxpayers and giving to the Democrats and their favorite supporters.

A large part of the stimulus bill was all about that. It was a slush fund taking money from taxpayers, funneling it through Obama’s administration, sending it back to the teachers unions, the SEIU, AFSCME, public sector unions in the states, all to protect them from the recession.

It was about one thing: protecting Democrat donors from the recession. The single purpose of the stimulus: make sure Obama’s supporters kept their jobs. It’s that simple.

We hear this nonsense about the right to collective bargaining with public sector unions. Even FDR opposed it, the right to collective bargaining, public sector unions.

Collective bargain against who? The people.

You’re not collective bargaining against some cigar chomping, fat executive sitting in a boardroom in Detroit at General Motors, Ford or Chrysler.

Collective bargaining against the taxpayer is what collective bargaining for public sector unions is all about.

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