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Elizabeth Warren is the presumptive Democrat nominee running against Scott Brown, who was named by Harry Reid to oversee the TARP bailout.


Video: In September, during her “talking tour,” Elizabeth Warren, professor at Harvard Law, talking about the economy and class warfare.

Elizabeth Warren believes that since the government, “pays for the basics,” such as roads, that the government thus controls everything. Obama is surrounded by people like this.

She forgets that this factory owner and factory builder also paid taxes that built the roads and the infrastructure around, and so did his employees.

The government doesn’t have any money until it takes it from people first. But this notion that we’re all just one giant commune is the justification for the redistribution of wealth.

This is the liberal justification for class warfare, for class envy, for redistribution of wealth, for taking, because nobody really deserves what they have.

Nobody should have anything more than anybody else because everybody always does it on the backs of other people.

The factory owner, illegitimate. The business owner, illegitimate. Nothing special about him. Nothing special about somebody who built something from nothing because he really didn’t. He couldn’t have done it without screwing a bunch of other people along the way.

Total collectivism. It’s all found in Marx. It’s all there, and it’s all based on the presumption that all success is illegitimate, including the success of the country.

Pay attention America, this is what they believe. This is liberal policy foundation.

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You do a great disservice to Soul Asylum, ma’am. I would say that you need to look closer into what and who our government gives money to. I would like to point to subsidies to oil companies. The billions handed to defense contractors for things such as “Radiation Detectors” that were a 9 volt and blinking lights encased in 2 bucks worth of plastic. The list is endless. And for you to be sucked into Fox News talking points and then spew them on a blog that you do not update regularly. You must be either filthy rich or very naive. But keep on drinking your cool aid, baby. Just leave Dave and Soul Asylum to the left. Jesus most Soul Asylum songs could be Anthems for the poor and disenfranchised-Moron.

Hello WoeFatCat,
Thanks for your comment.
I think your assessment is way off, but here we allow all opinions… even wrong ones. Yes subsidies to oil companies are given by the government. So are subsidies to the scam of the ages… Green Technologies – now classified here as Bankrupt Green Technologies companies, Farms, Research, and about any other industry you can think of. At least this country has grown and evolved into the greatest country the planet has ever seen because of OIL. It is the fuel of the engine of private wealth creation and freedom in this country. Beginning with the light bulb to the cars to all the petroleum products we have today – check out {A partial list of products made from Petroleum (144 of 6000 items)} Would you like to do without all those products? Really? It’s sad enough that the whole Green Movement can’t seem to grasp that all those Green cars they keep pushing — require the plug in to their self described “Dirty” coal plants to produce the electricity needed to power their little putt putt electric cars… Always been curious about how safe ya feel in those baby cars on the road with SUVs, trucks, etc. driving next to ya. But I guess I’m getting of topic a bit.
I don’t argue that the Government waste our Tax money on tons of things, something conservatives continue to fight against, only to be told by liberals that we need to spend more. How’s that stimulus and stimulus II and whatever else our current president can throw money at, working out for the you or the country for the last 3 years?
As far as your statement : “you to be sucked into Fox News talking points and then spew them on a blog”, actually the truth of the matter is, I watch all cable news, to get a insight on both sides of the arguments, something I doubt you do. Not to defend Fox, but they have liberals and conservatives, unlike MSNBC, where finding an actual conservative is like searching for water in the desert.
If your OK with one side of the discussion to formulate your positions, the truth will always evade you. Just a Fact.
I examine both sides and do research to build a knowledge base and then construct my positions.
I haven’t updated my site in almost a year for good reason. I’m trying to survive the economy President Obama has destroyed. Can’t be filthy rich while unemployed for 3 yrs but I’m not as naive as to believe I can depend on the Government to solve my problems for me, when the Democrat Senate can’t even pass a budget in over 3 yrs.
Kind of hard to keep Blog up to date when I spend all my time trying to take care of my family, pay the bills with any side work I can find, and teaching myself new skills to better my chances of finding work. Unlike the Occupy Where-ever moment, I don’t feel entitled to other peoples money, nor do I expect others to pay my way. I believe in personal responsibility, something liberals despise, for all I have learned about the liberal cause – is that they need Government to wipe their asses or it won’t get done.
I don’t want or need Government to run my life. I, as most Americans, believe in Freedom and Opportunity. Something the current regime is destroying bit by bit. Get the Government out of the way and the private sector will soar, keep doing what its doing and you depress innovation and growth. Also another FACT in the real world liberals refuse to accept.
I am teaching myself -note MYSELF- new skills to find work – its called pick yourself up by the bootstraps – I don’t depend on anyone or any government to do it for me.
I refuse to call you names such as MORON, or IDIOT, or STUPID, because I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Name calling is the first sign that you have lost the argument. Being open minded and tolerant as liberals proclaim to be, name calling is the only thing left to do when you can’t debate the facts.
At the moment I am poor and disenfranchised, thanks to the current administration and the liberal causes they have promoted, but unlike the liberal movement, I will survive and recover on my own because I believe in the American dream – Equal opportunity, not equal outcome.
I welcome all opinions here, and love the opportunity to debate with those that disagree with me on any topic, because I know I can defend my positions. Can you? … or is it just personal attacks and disparaging comments that you use to forward your opinions? That does not work here.
Get the facts and debate me.
Takes a bit of work but it will open your eyes to the truth.

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