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Remember back in 1988, Ted Danson predicted that we only had ten years to live because the oceans were going to be dead and, if the oceans died, then we would soon follow?

He made a big deal out of this, one of the early environmental alarmists, the brilliant oceanologist, Ted Danson.

How can they justify their positions? I wish the media would act like reporters, instead of fanatic Hollywood groupies with those celebrities who claim to be oceanographers and so forth.

“Mr. Danson, Mr. Danson, what do you mean we’ve only got ten years left on earth unless we do — what’s — what’s — what’s your source?”

They never do.

They just — whatever Ted Danson or Whoopi Goldberg, any of these other Hollywood celebs say, they just accept it as gospel.

Ted Danson makes these claims, “Oh, oh, he cares so much.”

Well, on CNBC’s High Net Worth, the Jane Wells interviewed Ted Danson, and she said, “There was a time when you said the oceans are going to be dead in ten years. They’re not dead?

DANSON: No. They’re not. But, I’m sure there was some hyperbole in what I said to draw attention to the issue, but you go to science journals now, 70% of the world’s fisheries are at a point of collapse.

Really? Oh, you lied, it was just hyperbole.

So now after being proven to have lied, but, but, but 70% of the ocean’s fisheries or the world’s fisheries or whatever are at a point of collapse, 70%. So he’s been proven wrong, throws another figure out there, wow, we’re in trouble, oh, no, 70% of the world’s fisheries are closed.

So Jane Wells, the answer she reported after —
“Danson says some people have wondered, why listen to an actor? They make fun of celebrities taking up causes. He gets that.”
DANSON: Celebrities can be silly, we can take swipes at them, and what the heck, why not, we are silly. But we do raise money. You know something, this community raises more money for charity than any other community in the world. This community is so generous.

WELLS: He says over the years he’s probably given $3 million of his own money to the Oceans Campaign, and just last week he flew to Geneva to urge the World Trade Organization to lift subsidies which may result in overfishing.

DANSON: I do want to be engaged in the process. I do not want to be victimized, or embarrassed, or guilty that I haven’t done something during this really critical time.

After being proved wrong about the death of the oceans, he remains an expert, he remains a go-to guy.


Because he donates so much to charity to the oceans. He threw $3 million down the drain if he donated it to an ocean charity.

The idea we can control the oceans is about as absurd as being able to control the climate!

I just think that just illustrates the point.

Celebs are silly, he admits all this, and yet we know that you people are going to take us seriously because we’re like the big clique in high school, and you all wish you were in our group.



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happy now moron
or do you think this latest spill is good for the ocean, you are a prick

Here at FI, we publish all commits – good / bad / indifferent, doesn’t matter. Typical liberal response. Don’t admit the facts, but – instead, avoid and distract.

Name-calling and accusations, no substance.

the invisible hand of the market seems to be wielding a club. of course america has to be pro-business, it’s the only reason to stay there anymore, since the society is bankrupt. The “true causes” of just about any complex phenomenon are obviously very very difficult to ascertain. I don’t think you can even “prove” that cigarettes cause cancer, but there is a strong positive correlation. It’s sad because republicans used to be conservatives, and believed in conserving nature and our environment, necessary for life on this planet. Now it’s just a toxic, empty shell, rallying behind big business, even when it brings no advantage to themselves or anyone else (besides the moguls at the top).

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I just wish the left would get at least one thing right before they start lecturing the rest of us. I have been around for awhile and I have heard so many predictions which never come about. A new Ice age remember that?. The ozone hole, I know we banned CFC but the hole was closing on its on. More and worse Hurricanes, instead we have had fewer and less intense since Katrina. One last thing about Danson, when he flew to Geneva did he fly on a private jet

Ice Free Arctic Forecasts

The Argus Saturday 17 July 1954

The Arctic will be ice-free in the summer of 2013
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013′

Because climate change in the Arctic region is occurring faster and to a greater extent than anywhere else, the Arctic Ocean may be ice-free for a short period of time as early as the summer of 2015, according to the 2009 Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment Report completed by the eight Arctic Council Nations.

MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2008
Polar ice cap melting away in 2008 ?

December 15, 2009

In his speech, Mr Gore told the conference: “These figures are fresh. Some of the models suggest to Dr [Wieslav] Maslowski that there is a 75 per cent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during the summer months, could be completely ice-free within five to seven years.”

We can see the frightening effects of the Arctic’s rising temperatures in the quick and devastating melt of the region’s sea ice. In 2008, Arctic summer sea ice reached the second-lowest extent recorded since the dawn of the satellite era — and winter sea ice reached its lowest recorded extent in 2011. Now climate scientists say the Arctic could be completely ice free in the summer by 2012.


the summer melt could lead to ice-free Arctic seas by 2016 – “plus or minus three years”.


There are credible scientists who are now predicting an ice-free (summer) arctic by as early as 2013. The implications are mind boggling. The impact on wildlife, humans and the rest of the world’s weather patterns is impossible to predict for specific areas and to exact detail.


It never ends… A clock is at least right a couple times a day. These people are wrong for decades and decades, and no one will call them on it. If I was wrong this many times on any one topic … They would probably call me the Liberal Democrat front runner for any high office or committee. In my all so humble opinion.

Thank you, Larry, for taking the time to visit my blog and comment. I only wish I had the time to list the last 4 years of destruction done by this administration on this nation… but like most Americans, I’m just trying to keep the roof over our heads and survive till the next election. Undeniable truth: Elections have consequences.

I seem to be having some issues with some past post on Global warming. I will look into those archived posts. If interested please reference: GLOBAL WARMING; Reality… /// /// /// /// /// /// /// ///

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