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I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

When a person — usually a liberal, or a member of the Media — says that the 2006 November election was about withdrawing from Iraq, is that person a liar?

Is that person a manipulator?

Let me ask it this way.

When a journalist accepts that the 2006 election was all about Iraq, is he or she uninformed?

Is he or she a pawn? Is he or she an anti-war activist? Or just a rotten journalist?

I ask this question: Can truth trump what the Nazis called “the big lie,” or we call “truth by repetition”?

If 72% of the people want no amnesty for illegals and no driver’s licenses for them, and 72% of the people want us out of Iraq, how come we’re not in Iraq, and the illegals don’t get their driver’s licenses or amnesty?

Because the polls showing 72% want us out of Iraq are not accurate. The 2006 election was not about that.

I looked at the exit poll data from 2006. Iraq wasn’t the first issue. It wasn’t the second issue. It wasn’t the third issue mentioned by voters that was most important to them. It was the fourth issue, and it wasn’t necessarily about leaving Iraq.

It was about the progress or lack of it in Iraq.

It did not specify, “Yes, the fourth thing most important to me is to get out of Iraq.” What was stated was, was about the progress, or lack of it.

Now, this is only common sense.

The Democrats have offered 40 resolutions to get us out of Iraq. They have lost them all. Well, they won one, but President Bush vetoed it, and they didn’t have the votes to override. They’re 40-and-one, and they’re back for more. That’s why they want to pull these troops out of there now, do whatever, screw up the funding, do whatever they’re going to do.

They’re serious about it.

But back to the exit polls.

For you pretend journalists out there, for those of you who say you practice journalism, the number one issue on the exit polls in 2006 was corruption.

Corruption! It was earmarks, and corruption by high officials.

The number two issue in exit polls, the economy.

The number three issue in the exit polls was terrorism — and guess what?

The left is doing everything they can to make it harder to deal with terrorists. Did you ever hear a Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi say the 2006 election was all about dealing with terrorism? Did you ever hear them say the 2006 election was all about the economy? Did you ever hear them say it was all about corruption?

No, you hear them say it was all about getting us out of Iraq, and it was not, according to the exit polls.

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