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Newsweek, Sharon Begley:

“We can’t afford to make any more mistakes in how to ‘save the planet.'”

She says…

“You can stop berating yourself for buying that Spanish clementine or New Zealand lamb. Although lists of ‘what you can do to save the planet’ include eating locally — buying food that is grown nearby — to reduce your carbon footprint, the calculation is more complicated than counting up your food’s frequent-flier miles. … We can’t afford to keep getting it wrong. We have already overshot the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that ‘will preserve a planet [like] that on which civilization developed and to which life on Earth is adapted,’ climatologists James Hansen of NASA…”

Hansen — Who is totally in the tank, politically and ideologically, for manmade global warming.

“We can’t afford to make any more mistakes in how to ‘save the planet,‘” and this is all about the biofuels mess. Biofuels, ethanol — and it’s in Newsweek!

— they’re writing about it as a dismal failure, and we can’t afford to make any more mistakes like this.

TIME Magazine called it a scam.

She says, “The greenwashing doesn’t end there. Only half of all hybrid vehicles on the U.S. market are more fuel-efficient than their non-hybrid versions…”

Yes! I ain’t lyin’!It’s in Newsweek!

“Only half of all hybrid vehicles on the U.S. market are more fuel-efficient than their non-hybrid versions… If the complexity of all this makes you decide to live however you want and make it up to the planet by buying carbon offsets, think again. Offsets are transactions in which you pay someone else, usually through a middleman, to reduce or soak up carbon emissions equal to those from eating, flying or just plain existing.”

Newsweek is putting in doubt on a lot of the accepted theories in global warming — and we can’t afford to make any more big mistakes like this, like ethanol.

Don’t you understand?

Everything liberalism does is a mistake!

The Great Society, the war on poverty, AFDC, designed to eliminate it all. Did it? No!

Arguably — in many things, in many ways — it made it worse.

Yet we’re not supposed to examine the results; we’re supposed to examine the good intentions. We’re supposed to say, “They care. They care more than you! That’s right, you don’t even care at all. You have done nothing to wipe out poverty. At least these people have tried! They care, and you don’t.”

Conservatism is interested in results, and that means people becoming self-sufficient; learning about their potential as human beings; setting out on a path to realize it, using ambition, desire, passion, education.

You don’t have that as a program for liberalism. Liberals don’t believe any of that’s possible with people! They want people to be indigent, them ’em to be poor. They want ’em to be a little bit ignorant. They want them to be dependent.

“Manmade global warming! We’re destroying the earth! You gotta start driving hybrids!”

Hell…half the hybrids on the road get worse gas mileage and are more damaging to the environment than regular cars. Ethanol? Rice crisis, corn crisis, food price crisis? You think all this is coincidental, that we shift to ethanol and biofuels all over the world using crops that we normally use to feed ourselves and others, and then the price of transportation goes up, price of production?

Supply and demand’s very simple.

Clarification for those with a public education; The more crops you take off the market for food to put into fuel you’re going to have a supply shortage. That’s going to cause prices to go up.

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