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Meet the Press — Tom Brokaw said to Obama,

“This is what USA Today had to say about your position on the surge. ‘Why can’t Obama bring himself to acknowledge the surge worked better than he and other skeptics thought that it would? That’s a conditioned response on their part. What is the stubbornness say about the kind of president he would be?'”


There’s no doubt that the violence has gone down more than any of us anticipated, including President Bush and John McCain. If you — if you — if you had talked to them, uh, and — and said, you know, what, we’re going to bring down violence to levels that we have, I think — I suspect USA Today’s own editorial board wouldn’t have anticipated that.

Pelosi today on The View says the surge isn’t working because the politicians of Iraq have not taken control of their country. Obama says it’s worked better than even Bush or Cheney thought, or McCain thought.

Now, that’s the first time he said this. I’m telling you he is running a dual or maybe a triple campaign. He is saying one thing to one group of people, another thing to another group of people, and he’s trying to have it both ways. That’s why he’s stuttering around.

Pelosi is just an idiot.

Obama said it wasn’t gonna work, had no chance of working. Then he said it’s done really okay, but it’s because the politicians came together. He said the reason the surge worked is because the great Sunni awakening and the Sadr army and the Shi’a all came together over there, this is while he was there saying this.

They’re all over the place, and Pelosi, a day after he says this, goes out and says, it didn’t work because the politicians have not gotten their act together.

Now, again, in Pelosi’s case, because she’s not the candidate here, in Pelosi’s case, she knows the audience. It’s an ultra-left-wing audience. They don’t want to hear about success. They don’t want to hear about how things work. They want to hear anything but failure. She knows that most of the hostesses on that show want to hear nothing but failure.

Now here is Obama saying on Meet the Press, no doubt the violence has gone down more than any of us anticipated, including Bush and McCain. And if you want to talk to them and say, you know what, we’re going to bring down violence and levels we have, nobody would have — that was the objective.

Why do you think it was planned, Senator? What was the point of the surge? This is where his inexperience and his real lack of intelligence and judgment display themselves. Why plan the thing? They’ve got some polling data that says he’s on the wrong side of the surge business, the American people love hearing about successful military operations.

The American people don’t want to lose military operations, they don’t want to lose wars.

And Obama, he’s gotta get himself on the right, “Oh, yeah, worked better than anybody ever thought,” why plan it? You think they planned a 50% success surge? Why even plan the operation if you don’t plan for it to succeed as wildly and as thoroughly as possible?

It’s an emotional thing. It’s party loyalty; it’s ideological loyalty; it is devotion to a personality and a cult. Most people are not thinking about Obama. They just think they want change, the Bush administration has been bad, they’ve been led to believe the country is going to hell in a hand basket, he’s going to fix it, he’s going to make the rest of the world like us, that’s going to make us safer.

There isn’t a whole lot of thought going into Obama’s support and his campaign illustrates it. He’s all over the ballpark. He’s saying five different things about every subject.


The surge’s purpose was to have a military time frame where there would be military, uh, security to enable the government of Iraq to make the political changes necessary for reconciliation. I said it before when I was here, and I’ll say it again. Even with all the time that has elapsed, they still have not done that. The purpose of the surge was to pass the laws to bring reconciliation, so we could bring our troops home safely soon, honorably and responsibly; and that has not happened. Now the government of Iraq is saying, “We want you to go home,” so maybe the time has come for us to sit down with them and figure that out.

None of what she said is accurate. The surge was not done to bring the troops home soon. The surge was done to help achieve victory to quell a bunch of violence, insurgent violence and defeat terrorists who are keeping that country just torn apart.

It has succeeded overwhelmingly!


There’s no doubt that the violence, uh, has gone down more than any of us anticipated, including President Bush and John McCain! Uh, if — if you had… If you talk to them, uh, and — and “You know what? We’re going to bring down violence,” to levels that we have, I think — I — I suspect USA Today’s own editorial board wouldn’t have anticipated that.

The ego of this guy knows no bounds. Well, you talk to anybody, why, it’s worked better than anybody thought. Aside from having not heard that before from anybody, but especially from Obama, the idea that the surge worked better than anybody thought is akin to saying, “You know, those bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, man, they worked better than we thought.” Why drop the bomb, why do the surge if you didn’t intend it to work well? But aside from that, here you got Pelosi saying in one story that it didn’t work, didn’t accomplish anything, you’ve got the Democrat presidential nominee, presumptive, Obama saying, it “exceeded everybody’s exceptions.” I know what Pelosi is doing, and she’s just pandering to an audience that watches that stupid TV show. But this thing with Obama is what’s fascinating to me because with every story he tells about the surge, he has a different view.

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