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I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

Last week, the surge didn’t really make any difference. It was the political coalitions that did come together that Pelosi just denied have come together and have worked!

This party cannot even get on the same page about all this. This is a party that has invested in defeat, and Pelosi still is. Obama is obviously privy to this. He’s running a different campaign here than she is, and he’s obviously seen some focus group data that indicate that he’d better get on board this thing because the American people like victory, and to try to talk it down and to suggest it isn’t one is not going to help. The thing is, I know what a lot of you are saying, “He’s just a plain old fraud. I mean, this is worse than Clinton.” I agree with you.

On CNBC, a lady was promo-ing some things coming up in her program, and one of them was Obamanomics.

What the hell is Obamanomics? And then I remembered, Obama had a meeting with close economic advisors, and it’s the retreads from the Clinton years. There’s been no change, and there certainly isn’t anything new. Obamanomics?

Boy, he dropped that Middle East trip real fast, didn’t he? Now he’s gotta get on the domestic side. And he’s got this is a group of ten or 12 people. Robert B. Reich and Larry Summers and Warren Buffett.

Who else is in this? Robert Rubin. Yeah, how’s CitiBank doing there, Robert? The stock price of CitiBank, Robert, what’s, it around 15 bucks? And this is Clinton‘s treasury secretary savior.

He’s running multiple campaigns, at least two, and that’s why he’s unsure of himself when he’s speaking off the teleprompter.

The focus has to be on his lack of experience, not that he’s a fraud, because the people that are going to vote for him don’t care. This is going to be a referendum on Obama. It really is. So people are going to have to vote against him.

Well, I know that’s not a perfect world. You want to have somebody out there you could vote for. But this campaign, this election is going to be a referendum, up or down, on Obama. And people are going to have to be convinced that there is a great risk in electing this guy, and just running around and telling him he’s a fraud, that’s just going to be interpreted as politics as usual.

“Well, look, that’s the same thing you guys said about Clinton. We like Clinton. It’s the same thing you guys said about him.” Yeah, even though it’s true, even though the guy lies through his teeth, even though the guy is just all over the ballpark and says things strategically and tactically without any foundation.

See, we know what the foundation is. The foundation is pure, ultra-leftist and liberalism.

So the campaign has to make them feel scared of Obama being in power. Whatever takes place has to make them frightened of what this guy is — and not because he lies, and not because he’s a fraud, ’cause most people think all politicians lie, and most people think that all politicians are frauds. So for one party to say that about another and vice-versa is not going to change anybody’s vote.

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