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Robin Roberts interviewing Barack Obama, and she said,

“Do you have any regrets that you said to Joe the Plumber, your spread the wealth comments?”


Not at all. Look, if John McCain’s best argument is that he wants to continue the same Bush tax cuts for the very wealthiest Americans that in 2000 he himself opposed — and in the meantime fails to give tax cuts to a hundred million people in America that I would give tax cuts to — John McCain’s going to have some problems. Because the American people understand that the way we grow this economy is from the bottom up.

Wrong on so many counts.

But the one thing that I have to say here about Obama: He is consistent. He never wavers from what he says. Well, that’s not true. He has moderated his position on a couple things. But the point is, as far as his base is concerned, he’s consistent. He didn’t back off this.

When he talks about the free market he always criticizes the free market. When he talks about the rich, he always rips the rich.

You know, one day you’ve got McCain out there sounding like Milton Friedman; the next day you’ve got him sounding like FDR. The lack of consistency in the McCain message is striking compared to the consistency in the Obama message. And he’s also, Obama, very consistent about America is to blame.

Now, he’s consistent. He’s wrong in practically everything he’s voted on and said, but he’s consistent with it. He doesn’t shock his supporters. He doesn’t make ’em scratch their heads. Of course they’re not even really listening to the substance of what Obama is saying.

Now, this tax cut thing is one thing where he has changed his mind because he got caught on this. He was going to give “a tax break to 95% of Americans.” Now, the problem is that a little under 70% is the largest number of Americans that pay taxes. Around 30, 32% of Americans do not pay income taxes.

This was pointed out to Obama. He said,

“Well, they pay payroll taxes, and I’m going to give them a tax credit, and they’re going to get a tax credit on their payroll taxes. They’re paying taxes; they ought to get a tax cut, too.”

So he’s going to rob the Social Security trust fund, theoretically, in order to give this tax cut, and then he said… This is one of these things that leads me to believe that Obama does not understand certain crucial things about this government. When he was challenged about his tax plan for “a tax cut for 95% of all Americans” — because 95% of all Americans don’t pay taxes — he was quick to point out that working Americans do pay payroll taxes. He said they needed a tax cut, too. When it was pointed out to him that his tax cut was in reality a socialist welfare program because it was confiscating more tax revenues from income-tax-paying Americans to hand over to non-income-tax-paying Americans, Obama said, “No, no, no, no, no.”

He did this last week. He said there’s going to be a “work requirement” to his tax plan.

Now, I have a news flash to Obama here: The fact that a person pays payroll taxes means they already have a job. And if they already have a job, it means they’re already working. So what in the name of tarnation are you talking about that these people are going to face a work requirement, and that’s going to eliminate the fact that it’s welfare?

They’re already working if they’re paying payroll taxes. Now, because I have come to understand Obama, I don’t think he understands what payroll taxes are. I don’t think that he understood what capital gains taxes are when he started talking about making them “progressive.”

I’m not sure he knows that payroll taxes are taken out of workers’ paychecks. Furthermore, I don’t think he cares.

He talks about Biden’s rhetorical flourishes, but Obama is given to his own. What he understands and believes, is income redistribution. He understands socialism. He understands radicalism, just like his friends.

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