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I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

It is sad and funny at the same time. It was predictable, a lot of people did predict it. They were right.

What went on on Capitol Hill Tuesday is a testament to the cluelessness of the people in charge of supposedly saving this economy.

It is absolutely absurd to watch all this go down. Barney Frank is mad that the money is not being spent to buy out mortgages. He’s mad that the money is not being lent by the banks. He’s mad that the money is not being used as it should be used.

The one thing about this is the central planner that they hired on this, Hank Paulson — he’s just doing what he was empowered to do.

He’s in charge. He is a dictator when it comes to this bailout money. They gave him the power. I don’t even know why they have the right to call him up there and have him explain what he’s doing. How many times have I read to you the preamble, sections 1 and 2, the purpose of the bailout legislation? I don’t know how many people have not noticed this, but the Secretary of the Treasury was given 100% power.

Isn’t it amazing again that these guys in Congress — the House of Representatives and the Senate who passed this bill, wrote it and set it up — are now acting outraged that there hasn’t been any oversight. They’re the ones that are supposed to have been doing the oversight.

So just like Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath, just like any other calamity when a bridge collapses or anything else, the people in charge of it get to set themselves up as spectators; surprised and shocked that this is happening and how come nobody told ’em? — and they get away with it. The architects of this disaster are now questioning the man they gave total power to run this whole show, as though he’s screwing up. They didn’t want the hot potato. They wanted to get the credit for signing up and getting the $700 bill out there, but they threw it off on Paulson.

Basically, what you have here is Wall Street has taken over Washington. Paulson knows it. Everybody else knows it. And these guys are now questioning Paulson as to what he’s going to do and he’s going up there and taking the heat, but he knows in his back pocket he’s got the legislation that granted him total power to do whatever he wanted.

Congress is just… I mean, I’ve never seen such an exercise in self-loathing. It’s hard to watch — and I have been watching it.

Have you heard the latest policy from Obamaism? Obama wants — He talked about this with McCain in the meeting, “ending corporate welfare” as they sit there and debate whether or not to send $25 or $50 billion to the auto industry.

But yet they’re going to “end corporate welfare.” We’re not ending corporate anything! We’re in the business of nationalizing as much of these business as possible.

Congress spent the last six years doing what?

Blasting the 2002 resolution of force agreement against Iraq that they authored; and if you remember, they demanded a second vote on this. The Democrats were reading the tea leaves going into the midterm elections in November in 2002.

The Democrats said,

“You know, we’re not on the right side of this Iraq thing. The American people are all fired up and want to go in there.”

So they demanded — even after they had granted the president authority to use force at the time of his choosing, they demanded — a second vote.

Tom Daschle and Kerry did, so that they could get on record, be on record to have everybody in the country know they supported this.

Yet for the last six years, they’ve been acting like they had nothing to do with it, like Bush lied to them, like this is a total Bush operation.

They wrote this $700 billion bailout bill. Most of them passed it, signed it, voted for it without having read the whole thing. Now they tell us that they are stunned that there hasn’t been any oversight? I don’t know where the oversight is when you grant the Treasury secretary full power to do with this 700 billion whatever he wants to do with it, because he is empowered here to “ensure the economic security of the American people.”

They have expressed extreme disappointment that they passed the Bush tax cuts.

They’re lashing out at the central planner they created and empowered. Public approval ratings of Congress are at practically an all-time low.

And even Congress doesn’t seem happy with the decisions that they have been making. This is just a joke to watch them.

This is quite a teachable moment…

Because there’s so many people in this country, so many voters, so many average citizens think government is the solution to their personal problems, local problems, state problems, federal problems.

The government can handle it. The government should do something. Every time the government’s empowered to take care of a crisis, they make it worse! It doesn’t get solved, and yet people continue to somehow buy into the notion that government is the solution to these problems.

It’s not.

The individual entrepreneurs are — and poor old Mark Cuban, he had it dead on right at that post at the Huffington Post and he’s all upset because not one member of Obama’s economic team is an entrepreneur, and he said entrepreneurs are the guys that are going to be the key to the economic recovery.

Mark, entrepreneurs are the targets of Barack Obama. They’re the ones that are going to be paying all these new tax increases.

He wants to limit their ability to “access the American dream,” quote, unquote. Of course there are not any entrepreneurs around Obama. He believes that government, central planning is the focus.

So many people put their blind faith in the government to take care of things, eliminate problems, and now this is a joke, what is happening with all of these supposed bailouts, what’s happening in the states. The city of New York, the mayor there wants people to limit the amount of salt that they use?

This is just getting beyond the point of absurdity. It really is. At some point, you sit here and you desperately hope that enough people will realize that when the government says they’ve got the answers, they are lying. — SIMPLE TRUTH

This is a collection of fools.
This is a collection of zombies.

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