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The arctic ice is as plentiful as it was in 1979. End of the year, 2008, arctic ice as plentiful as it was in 1979, and 1979 happened to be the year that TIME and Newsweek magazines both did cover stories on the coming ice age.

DailyTech: Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level as 1979

The real question is, since we live in an era of myth, where are the Media cameras and microphones in Al Gore’s face and asking him to explain this.

But see, this is why we’re fighting a losing battle with this global warming stuff, because we’re going about it this way. We’re talking facts. We’re giving historical facts, but right now this thing is emotional and its appeal has been to totally misinform people.

The reason people think the ice is melting in the Arctic is because of doctored photographs of polar bears, pure and simple! The past doesn’t matter. People are being lied to by Al Gore and everybody else in the militant movement.

The blessing here is that we finally have Vaclav Klaus running the European Union, and Vaclav Klaus thinks this whole thing is a hoax. He believes it’s a hoax.

When you say, “Stop and think about this,” you’ve lost the issue with way too many Americans already. “Stop and think. Do you really think that driving SUVs and so forth could cause ice in the North Pole to get thinner?

Do you understand what it takes for that kind of ice, what kind of cold you need?” You’ve lost ’em already, because they’re going to say, “I’ve seen it melting. The polar bears are barely able to survive,” because they’ve seen these doctored pictures, and they’re inundated at school every day by activist, uninformed, agenda-oriented, sorry-ass excuses for teachers.

History and facts seem to be irrelevant when discussing this topic…

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