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A story out of Alaska involving Governor Sarah Palin, and what it demonstrates is that you can cut government but you have to really get far from Washington.

“Gov. Sarah Palin announced in her State of the State Speech on Thursday night that she wants to freeze all state hiring except for public safety but also pursue ambitious projects like a road to Nome. … Palin acknowledged that the state is facing a potential budget deficit of more than a billion dollars as a result of the drop in oil prices. She didn’t propose specific cuts to government programs but said she wants to freeze state hiring as well as restrict ‘non-essential purchases.’ She didn’t elaborate on what those are. … The governor said she learned about fighting against long odds, protecting family and putting ‘Country First,’ referring to John McCain’s campaign motto, ‘even when voters put you second,'” meaning her loss as the running mate to Senator McCain. “Palin has previously said she’s not enthusiastic about the state helping pay for the in-state pipeline but wants to work with private business to make it happen. She hasn’t laid out a plan, but that could change with the bill she said she would introduce next month.”

Now, if Republicans would support Sarah Palin she could still provide an attractive reminder of what a conservative leader can accomplish when they cut the size of government. If she actually succeeds in this, I guarantee you she will get rid of the budget deficit of nearly a billion dollars. She’s going to develop local energy sources that are sufficient to run local businesses and homes, self-sufficiently, and running a straightforward administration.

So I think this is good. Let’s keep an eye on her. Let’s keep an eye on this and see how it works.

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