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I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!


What I believe and what I know, combined… to make something more.

Just think of this as Cliff Notes to my; Pride as an American, Passion as a Conservative, and Love of this great nation.

I’m going to just keep adding to this… so… Stay posted…


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Side notes: * Basics not listed in any particular order
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If you see any post of mine, this one is the most important – must see:

Reaganism did not steer people to the governments for solutions; Reaganism steered people inwardly. It steered people towards themselves. It inspired people to realize that they had more potential than they realized.Reagan didn’t invent conservatism. He just showed how to apply it, and he showed how it attracts voters.

The whole point of conservatism is to lift the downtrodden. The whole point of liberalism is to keep them suppressed and then lower the rich and punish achievement!

Remember what a ceasefire is: a ceasefire is not an end to the war. It exists for one reason — it’s a chance for the losing side to rearm.

The American people have bought hook, line, and sinker this hoax of man-made global warming. Carbon dioxide, which we exhale, is a pollutant? How stupid can anybody be to believe this? The Good Lord created us! Are we pollutants?

The American people make things happen. Capitalism, the American people engaging in commerce that’s the single greatest agent of change in this country, not what happens in Washington.

The thing that I most took from Ronald Reagan was that he understood that it’s the people who make this country work not politicians, not elected officials. They get in the way.