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I probably should have named this “My WTF list”  but, being a family friendly site, I will just leave it as is.

This is simply a CliffsNotes version of the Obama administration accomplishments since the beginning of his term, and is being continually updated.

In no particular order…

  • The stimulus, slush fund has failed.
    How’s that “Hope and Change” working out for ya?
  • Obamacare has been rejected by a large majority of Americans.
    The silent majority has spoken.
  • Obama embarrassed himself twice in Copenhagen (Olympics and the Global Warming Hoax Conference ).
    Take a bow for those, Obama.
  • The deficit and unemployment are destroying the Obama fiction, and the country’s identified Obama’s policies as the problem.
  • Democrat candidates were humiliated in New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts, and guess what? Patrick Kennedy has said he’s not running for reelection in Rhode Island. He’s got a 62% disapproval…
    Can’t wait till the 2010 elections.
  • Generic polls favor Republicans by huge margins.
  • Sarah Palin is getting write-ups now in the Mindless Media that Barack Obama would kill for. Joe Klein and David Broder, the same day, wrote 90% lauding favorable pieces of Sarah Palin.
    You go, girl!
  • Of course, then there’s Robert Gibbs. We have to feel sorry for Obama because of Baghdad Bob Gibbs –“We’ve seen in survey after survey that Americans want to see Republicans and Democrats stand together on health care.”
    …stand together AGAINST health care.
  • Guantanamo Bay is still open.
    God Bless the U.S. Military.
  • Obama will not drop the idea of trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City.
    I don’t think we’ve heard the end of this from the Big Apple.
  • Michelle Obama has told the world that her daughters are fatties.
  • ClimateGate, a total hoax, has been exposed. Record cold temperatures worldwide over the past year, mind-numbing blizzards and Algore nowhere to be found.
    If it doesn’t snow, it’s a sign of global warming… If it snows to much, it’s a sign of global warming… Am I missing something here? Really, that’s what it comes down to? What has happened to common since?
    Oh, right, we’re all just idiots…
  • Obama embraces bank bonuses after trashing them for a year.
    Sounds a bits schizophrenic.
  • Obama prematurely and awkwardly gives away the lie of not taxing the hell out of the middle class.
    Shocking, eh?
  • Joe Biden has, in effect, said mission accomplished to Bush and Cheney for their brilliant policy in Iraq by claiming it’s one of the greatest achievements of the Obama administration.
    We’ve moved from schizophrenic to delusional.
  • The tea parties are working.
    Thank God.
  • There’s this story from The Politico: “Family Feud: Pelosi at Odds with Obama.””House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s increasingly public disagreements with President Barack Obama are a reflection of something deeper: the seething resentment some Democrats feel over what they see as cavalier treatment from a wounded White House.”
    Modern day ‘three stooges’ — Obama, Pelosi and Reed.
  • And then of course Dingy Harry has pulled the jobs bill. He’s reducing it from $85 billion to $15 billion.
    The only ‘jobs’ this administration understands – Union and Government Bureaucracy employment.
  • The deadly shooting attack by Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad on a military recruiting center in Little Rock, Arkansas in May 2009 that killed a US soldier and injured another.
    Lets not assume he’s Muslim. That would be acting “Stupidly“.
    Terrorist 1, Obama 0.
  • Obama takes three days to respond to the Christmas underwear Bomber… three days! If not for luck, the attack would have claimed the lives of at least 300 people, not to mention those who might have died on the ground.
    I do not believe our security should rely on luck… do you?
    Terrorist 2, Obama 0.
  • Obama Refuses to Call Ft. Hood Massacre an Act of Terror. A shooting that killed 13 and wounded scores of others, preceded by a SHOUT OUT… Priorities, anyone? Terrorist 3, Obama 0.feeling safe yet??

May 5, 2010 : Revised additions

  • Pelosi: “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”
    This is how Liberals legislate. Be afraid… very afraid.
  • Obamacare becomes law.
    Democrats ignore overwhelming public opposition to ObamaCare and pass it anyway, and Obama continues to ‘Sell’ his plan to no avail.
  • Obama takes over ALL Student Loans, under the cover of Obamacare, hidden in 2400 pages of socialist transformation.
    Did you even know the name of the bill? Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010
  • Obama snubbed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
    Not a problem meeting with Cuba or Iran, with friends like that, who needs allies?
  • Obama refuses to call Massacre at Ft. Hood an Act of Terrorism. President hides behind irrational political correctness again.
    How can we fight terrorism, when the Commander in Chief won’t even acknowledge it.
  • War on Terror renamed by Obama Administration.
    No such thing as ‘Islamist terrorism’ in ObamaWorld. Man Made Disaster? Overseas Contigency Operation?
  • Obama excludes private and Catholic school children from the Easter egg roll ticket giveaway.
    A Uniter,
    Not A Divider? Respect for religion? Really?
  • Obama announces that he will approve oil and gas exploration.
    If you believe this one, I have some swampland in Florida to sell you.
  • Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev sign the latest Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START)
    Damn… I feel more secure already. Love those Communist…Ya know they don’t lie.
  • “NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden said Tuesday that President Barack Obama has asked him to ‘find ways to reach out to dominantly Muslim countries’ as the White House pushes the space agency to become a tool of international diplomacy.”
    Hu?? WTF… When did NASA become a Public Relations Department?
  • Obama hasn’t held a formal press conference in almost a year.
    Where is the Media? Do dictators have to answer questions? Guess not.
  • Obama administration continued ‘War’ on Tea Party Patriots. Racist, bigoted, violent, ignorant, hate-filled, intolerant…
    Why does the administration and it’s subordinates continue to defame the most patriotic, God-loving, law abiding, compassionate citizens I’ve ever met?
  • Army Disinvites Franklin Graham from National Day of Prayer Event.Obama:”…we have a very large Christian population — we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation…”
    USA ranks #1 in National Christian Population. 225 Million / 85% of the Population. Maybe he wants to transform America to a Muslim Nation??
  • Obama’s Katrina – Despite plan, not a single fire boom on hand on Gulf Coast at time of oil spill.
    A crisis is a terrible thing to
    waste, when you can blame it on BIG OIL.


  • Governor Jan Brewer signed an immigration law that launched a national debate. Obama called the effort “misguided” and directed the Justice Department to monitor its implementation, warning that it could violate citizens’ civil rights.
    Looks like the citizens of Arizona are acting “stupidly.” They must have actually read the law.
  • Obama and his regime govern against the will of the people. CBS Poll: 60 percent of Americans say Arizona’s tough new immigration law is “about right” or “doesn’t go far enough.”
    Are you listening, Washington?
  • Times Square attempted car bombing, once again, lucky the bomb didn’t go off. Obama spent about 50 seconds reassuring us that nothing had happened and nothing will happen, everything’s okay in New York, now back to the economy…
    Do I
    feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?
    Terrorist 4, Obama 0.



May 13, 2010 : addition

  • Holder said at a House Judiciary Committee hearing when asked had he read the state law cracking down on illegal immigrants. — Fox News: May 13, 2010
    Wondering if anyone in Washington actually reads anything…

May 26, 2010 : addition

  • The American Society for Muslim Advancement to open — on of all days, Sept. 11, 2011 — a 13-story shrine to Islam in the shadow of the beautiful skyscrapers terrorists turned to ashes in the name of Islam?
    This is INSANE…
  • The failure of BP’s latest effort, the so called “top-kill” operation and a “junk shot” injection into the failed blowout preventer, came as public frustration mounted over what the government now calculates as the biggest oil spill in the nation’s history.
    Edward M. Kennedy’s seat, Martha Coakley, Colleen Hanabusa and former Rep. Ed Case, Creigh Deeds, etc. – more Obama disasters… Please, for the love of God, stay away from Louisiana.
  • The epic flooding that hit the Atlanta area in September was so extremely rare that, six weeks later this event has defied attempts to describe it.
    Obama reaction: Just a distraction, ignore it … it will go away.
  • As the country was sinking into its worst financial crisis in more than 70 years, Security and Exchange Commission employees and contractors cruised porn sites and viewed sexually explicit pictures.
    Government bureaucracies will destroy this country.
  • Oil oversight agency staff viewed porn, accepted gifts.
    Anyone surprised by this?
  • The Next Bailout: $165B for Unions.
    The only citizens the President doesn’t mock…
  • Obama pushing $23 billion teachers union bailout.
    Obama plan: Throw money at problems… don’t solve them.
  • No show at Arlington for Memorial Day
    At least he’s not going to call them “Corpse” men….
  • Sestak job-offer scandal – additional Presidential tidbit added – Clinton.
    is the hole they really want to plug out there…
  • National Guard troops be deployed along the US-Mexico border.
    Amnesty is the single largest voter drive in American history.
  • Dow Drops 1000 in a month.
    Obama distancing himself from his own economy and distancing himself from the failure of his own recovery plan. Just blame it on Bush, that’s what he does on everything else.

July 15, 2010 : addition

  • Offers of help that started coming in three days after the spill started from 13 countries, including Belgian, Dutch, and Norwegian firms that possess some of the world’s most advanced oil skimming ships, but were turned away by the Obama administration.
    He has put the health of unions over the health of Gulf Coast by failing to waive the Jones Act.
  • Barack Obama is exceeding his legitimate constitutional authority in telling BP it must set up an independent fund, not controlled by the company, for compensating victims of the Gulf oil spill.
    We have a legal system to ensure that corporations are held accountable. We have free market aspects that ensure that in civil and criminal matters. We have a legal system to deal with it. Now the executive branch has just said neither the legislative branch or the judicial branch matter.
  • Obama administration’s decision to place a six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
    Unions (Jones Act) and (faulty) Environmental ideology take priority over the Gulf Coast economy and livelihood.
  • Obama administration files a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for its immigration law… Mexico files a lawsuit against Arizona over its immigration law.
    Obama takes the same position as a foreign country that promotes the violation of U.S. immigration law. The federal government refuses to enforce federal law, but will legally challenge a STATE that is attempting to protect itself from foreign invasion. This is insane…
  • People in the Gulf region who are going to get money from BP from the $20 billion slush fund are going to be taxed on it as income.
    … Government is not the solution, it is the problem.
  • A federal judge in New Orleans halted President Obama’s deepwater drilling moratorium, saying the government never justified the ban and appeared to mislead the public in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
    Ideology over reality
    – most apt description of this administration.
  • Obama appoints Petraeus to take over War in Afghanistan.
    “We have now set the bar so low that modest improvement in what was a completely chaotic situation’s considered success, but it’s not. This continues to be a disastrous foreign policy mistake.” – Obama statements on Petraeus execution of the Iraq war.
  • “It isn’t possible to debate and pass a realistic, long-term budget until we’ve considered the bipartisan commission’s deficit-reduction plan, which is expected in December. I believe that Congress must take up and vote on that plan.” – Steny Hoyer
    Spend the country into unrecoverable deficits is much easier when you don’t have a budget and it’s not your money anyway… <sigh> The most fundamental duty of the Congress is to PASS A BUDGET.
  • Interior Secretary Ken Salazar indicated both in a statement and Congressional testimony that he plans to re-impose the moratorium soon based on information that wasn’t fully developed when the six-month drilling ban was imposed in late May.
    At all cost… go around, go under, go over, no rulings count unless they are made by the administration. Obama is now to be the judge, jury and executioner.
  • Administration not interested in voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers at a polling site in Philadelphia.
    Reverse discrimination?? Country of Laws reduced to a County of Men by the Obama DOJ. To the disparagement of the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King and his principles, the DOJ decided to drop criminal charges against the “New Black Panther” member.
  • A federal appeals panel upheld a district judge’s order to block the Obama administration’s six-month ban on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
    Oops… another roadblock to Obama’s attempt to distroy the economy of the Gulf.
  • The nation’s total federal debt next year is expected to exceed $14 trillion – about $47,000 for every U.S. resident. “This debt is like a cancer, it is truly going to destroy the country from within.” – Erskine Bowles
    Hello… Hello… IS ANYONE LISTENING?
  • “Effectively reporting on the Gulf oil spill is now a Class D felony, punishable by a fine of up to $40,000.” –
    That’s right, the most transparent administration in history has made it a felony, effective July 1, to get within 65 feet of what the Coast Guard determines are essential recovery efforts. See no Evil, hear no Evil, speak no Evil – Obama administration transparently evil…
  • Day 87 of Gulf disaster – BP finally able to “plug the damn hole.”
    Waiting for Obama to announce tomorrow that he worked tirelessly to plug the damn hole…

August 25, 2010 : addition

  • Credit card rates and debt soars.
    Remember that highly acclaimed financial reform bill? How’s that working out for ya now??
  • Cash for Clunkers – “LaHood acknowledged that because of the unexpected popularity of the program the Transportation Department ‘did not have enough people in place to really process the paperwork’ from dealers…”
    If that led to difficulties, imagine when health care is said to be free what kind of problem they’re going to have with the unexpected popularity of the free health care plan.
  • AP – “Government Watchdogs: Mortgage Program is Not Working.”
    Not suprising considering Obama’s policy track record, but do you realize the Democrats can’t wait to end the Mortgage Deduction??
  • Iran goes Nuclear.
    Terrorist 5, Obama 0.
  • Is Imam Obama a muslim?
    I know he’s inexperienced. I know he has horrible judgment. I don’t care about his religious beliefs, frankly, unless he’s lying about them. It doesn’t matter to me.
  • Obama stops prosecution of Alleged USS Cole Bomber.
    Again with the WTF?? Imam Obama continues to defend the enemies of our country.
    Terrorist 6, Obama 0.
  • “US Economy Showing More Signs Recovery Is Slowing.” The US economy showing more signs recovery is slowing, and the CBO numbers are out: “Difficult Economic Times Are Ahead.” According to the CBO.
    Summer of Recovery?? Really?
  • Another vacation?
    What happen to that laser focus on the economy? jobs? … It’s been 6 years since my last vacation. How about you?
  • Department of Homeland Security reviewing thousands of pending immigration cases and moving to dismiss those filed against suspected illegal immigrants who have no serious criminal records.
    Obama surrenders national sovereignty. Obama to spring for federal funds for new signs to line southern border; “WELCOME, COME, TAKE EVERYTHING – ITS FREE! THE COAST IS CLEAR!”

October 29, 2010 : addition

  • Bob Woodward reports President Obama says,
    “We can absorb a terrorist attack. We’ll do everything we can to prevent it, but even a 9/11, even the biggest attack ever … we absorbed it and we are stronger.”
    Because right now all he cares about is increasing taxes on the rich and explaining to Americans how uneducated we are on health care.
  • Washington Post: “The massive economic stimulus package President Obama pushed through Congress last year is coming in on time and under budget — and with strikingly few claims of fraud or abuse — according to a White House report.
    Well, isn’t this wonderful?  The fraudulent stimulus doesn’t have any fraud or waste.  Obama says so.
  • National Review Online, The Corner blog:
    “The Light at the End of the Tunnel Is an Oncoming Train — The news today is that 89,000 stimulus checks — totaling $22 million — got sent to people who were dead or in jail.  My first instinct was, of course, to giggle. … I mean, seriously, dead people? And my second (perhaps revealing) thought was to wonder about the policy implications. What are the ‘multiplier effects’ for dead people? It might not be so bad.”
    Obamacare fraud and waste? Really nothing  new about that,  is there?
  • This is a dispatch in the e-mail from Organizing for America, which is Obama’s website.
    “‘This is a threat to our democracy…And if we just stand by and allow the special interests to silence anybody who’s got the guts to stand up to them, our country’s going to be a very different place.’ That’s what the President just said about the Chamber of Commerce, a right-wing group spending $75 million to beat Democrats this fall, and reportedly taking money from foreign corporations — some even owned by foreign governments.”
    Are you kidding me?  House and Senate Democrats have received about $1.02 million this cycle from such PACs, according to an analysis compiled for The Hill by the Center for Responsive Politics. House and Senate GOP leaders have taken almost $510,000 from PACs on the same list.
  • OBAMA: “ See what the other side is counting on, what they’re counting on is you’re gonna stay home.  They’re counting on your silence.  They’re counting on your amnesia.  They’re counting on your apathy.  They’re countin’ on young people staying home and union members stayin’ home, and black folk stayin’ home.
    Have we ever had a president who was such a partisan hack, such a race-baiter?  This guy was supposed to end all of this! What a laugh it is that this is the same guy promised to be beyond partisanship, to be post-racial.
  • Michael Shear:   “In the magazine article, Mr. Obama reflects on his presidency, admitting that he let himself look too much like ‘the same old tax-and-spend Democrat,’ realized too late that ‘there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects’ and perhaps should have ‘let the Republicans insist on the tax cuts’ in the stimulus.”
    Google “Obama’s stimulus + shovel-ready 2009,” you will find all kinds of mentions where he talks about “shovel-ready jobs.”
  • Democrat candidate for governor, Frank Caprio: “He could take his endorsement and really shove it. We had one of the worst floods in the history of the United States a few months back, and President Obama didn’t even do a flyover of Rhode Island like President Bush did when New Orleans had their problems.  He ignored us and now he’s coming into Rhode Island treating us like an ATM machine.  So what I’m saying to President Obama very clearly is I’ll wear as a badge of honor and a badge of courage that he doesn’t want to endorse me as a Democrat.
    Mr. Caprio, I hate to tell you this, and although Obama doesn’t know it, he’s doing you a favor by not endorsing you.
  • OBAMA: I am president.  I’m not king.  I can’t do these things just by myself.  If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying we’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us, if they don’t see that kind of upsurge in voting in this election, then I think it’s going to be harder, and that’s why I think it’s so important that people focus on voting on November 2nd.
    Punish our enemies.
    Frankly, we ought to be looking at them the same way.  The Tea Party does.  Republican leadership doesn’t, not in genuine political terms.  Just the opposition.  But Obama here is admitting the American people are the enemy. The American people are opposed to amnesty.  The American people are opposed to his way of immigration reform.  The American people are the enemy.  Arizona is the enemy, and so his government is suing the State of Arizona which means individual citizens are having to donate money to the Arizona legal defense fund, for crying out loud.  The American people.
  • Obama’s trip to India: The presidential entourage will have 40 aircraft, including the Air Force One that will ferry the president. There will be six armoured cars, including the Barack Mobile, a Cadillac. They taken the entire Taj Mahal hotel: 570 rooms…He’s going to make a speech at the Indian parliament where for the first time ever a teleprompter will be used.
    So the Teleprompter in Chief will be representing the country. Why can’t this man speak without a teleprompter? Who is this guy fooling anymore?

December 30, 2010 : addition

  • TSA sexual assault on Airline passengers.
    The number of terrorists caught by the TSA is at zero.
  • New START Treaty severely weaken our national security.
    Conditioning funding for nuclear program on New START is playing politics with our national security. If the dollars are needed, they should be provided without conditions.
  • NOV 11, 2010, The Pentagon and NASA experts have determined that a billowing contrail seen streaking into the skies above Southern California was likely caused by an airliner and not a missile. The Pentagon says they don’t know what it was but it’s nothing to worry about.
    Reminds me of people saying, “there’s nothing to see here people … move along, nothing to see here,” as the crowd grows. How can you say, “there is nothing to worry about,’ if you don’t know what it is?
  • N. Korea fires on S. Korea Nov 23,2010. The State Dept. is out with a statement on North Korea’s behavior. They say the North Korea’s behavior has been very, very bad…
    Ours is a world governed by the aggressive use of speeches. Even the crazy leader of N. Korea probably is comforted by, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Obama gives a Free Pass to world aggression and said they’re still open to talks with N. Korea. How does this make America safer? Weakness begets aggression.
  • New Wikileaks leaks released…
    In an earlier time, Julian Assange and his co-conspirators would have already beenhandled by our intelligence agencies, but now a bunch of anti-American, high-tech terrorist-sympathizers are spilling our secrets — while this administration dithers. If, God forbid, thousands more Americans have to pay the price for this weakness, there should be hell to pay.
  • One of the largest union-administered health-insurance funds in New York is dropping coverage for the children of more than 30,000 low-wage home attendants, union officials said.”
    Obama union-administered health care drops children, how is this possible? We all thought that you’re gonna be able to add your kids to your policy ’til they were 26, right?  And we all thought that the poor were gonna get their health care for free.  Well, that’s what we were told.
  • Obama Proposes Two-Year Raise Pause in Bid to Seize Agenda in Deficit Talks
    We’re supposed to be impressed by this?  The president just announced, in effect, not a pay freeze but a guaranteed salary for whoever knows how many years. The federal workforce has gone up how many percent since Obama took office?  And now with the pay freeze they’re locked into a salary that on average is twice what their counterparts in the private sector make. There’s no freeze.  It’s just semantics.
  • 19-year-old Somali American accused of attempting to set off a car bomb at an Oregon holiday tree lighting.
    Why would somebody think a 19-year-old named Mohamud would want to blow up something at Christmas? Profiling is not identity politics. It’s criminal intelligence. This is how political correctness is destroying us. Profiling is not identity politics, it is good law enforcement. There have been  at least seven attempted terror attacks on US soil since Obama has been president. Well, the attempt we know about.
    Terrorist 7, Obama 0.
  • “The House of Representatives passed landmark legislation Tuesday to pay for some $4.6 billion in settlements with American Indians and black farmers who say they faced discrimination and mistreatment from the government. Lawmakers voted 256-152 to send the measure to President Barack Obama, whose [regime] brokered the settlements over the past year. The package would award some $3.4 billion to American Indians over claims they were cheated out of royalties overseen by the Interior Department for resources like oil, gas and timber. Another $1.2 billion would go to African-Americans who claim they were unfairly denied loans and other assistance from the Agriculture Department.”
    Obama finally gets his reparations… When that suit was originally brought, the suit claimed 2,000 black farmers were affected.  That number went from 2,000 to 85,000, and it’s still climbing. Is this part of Obama’s STASH?
  • The Obama administration won’t allow any new oil drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico for at least the next seven years because of the BP oil spill…”
    And it’s not just there.  In fact, they’re gonna shut down some drilling in Alaska. No new drilling means no new jobs, it means no new energy sources. It means no new energy!  Forget no new sources, it means no new energy.  It means no new tax revenues. This tells us everything we need to know. He hates oil! He hates the traditional ways that we produce energy in this country. You can thank President Obama when gas prices skyrocket.
  • “The Federal Reserve revealed details yesterday of trillions of dollars in emergency aid that it gave to US and foreign banks and to nonbank companies ranging from General Electric to Harley-Davidson during the financial crisis.”
    The TARP money was not used for its original purpose.  The Federal Reserve, before the TARP bailout, made loans exceeding $3 trillion.
    So you can talk about the $700 billion TARP.  You can talk about the $787 billion stimulus. That’s nothing compared to the amount of money that the Federal Reserve lent people at the same time: $3+ trillion.  Just more of Obama’s STASH straight out of your Grand children’s piggy banks.
  • 2022 World Cup has been given to Qatar instead of the United States.
    Reminds me of the Failed trip to Copenhagen for the Winter Olympics, as predicted the empty suit holds no sway in the international community with his flowery rhetoric.
  • Obama surprise trip to Afghanistan – Dec 3, 2010
    Obama had to leave right after the elections, which were a “shellacking for the Democrats,” on his trip to India because he wanted to be there in time to celebrate the festival of lights with them. Remember that?  So why did he have to go to Afghanistan now, rather than during the actual Christmas holidays? Reminds me of the no-show at Arlington for Memorial Day… Obama has no reverence for the Military or the men or women who place their lives on the line everyday for this country. It is simply deplorable.
  • Bush Tax Cuts Extended.
    We’re talking about two things:  maintaining current tax rates or a tax increase, pure and simple. Nobody is getting a tax cut. What they are getting is PorkEarmarksThe stuff that was rejected in November.
  • OBAMA: It’s tempting not to negotiate with hostage takers, unless the hostage gets harmed. In this case, the hostage was the American people and I was not willing to see them get harmed.
    Obama blew the metaphor.  He’s saying he did negotiate with the hostage takers.  He said he did.  You’re not supposed to negotiate with hostage takers.  But he went out there and he said he did for the good of the American people.  He negotiated with hostage takers to make sure the American people didn’t get harmed.  In this case, the hostage was the American people.  I was not willing to see ’em get harmed.  I talked to the terrorists, said Obama. So he got the whole thing wrong.
  • The budget process, which is required by law, is  to have a budget every October 1st, the beginning of each fiscal year in this country. They didn’t. They didn’t want to deal with the budget prior to the election.  They didn’t want voters to find out what they were about to do as far as spending, tax increases, regulations and all the rest.
  • Harry Reid, Senate Leader, is pushing the DREAM Act, and online gambling.
    He is using the Senate as his personal empire to pay back those who supported his reelection.  The media say nothing about this.  Is this not corruption? His first priority, it isn’t jobs, it’s not tax rates, it’s not the economy, it’s his paybacks. DREAM Act for the middle-class, online gambling for the middle-class?  Is this the nation’s priority?
  • Describing the Dec. 9,2010 House Democrat caucus meeting, Fineman said:  It was pretty startling.  There was sotto voce, apparently, you know, not too loud, an “F’ the president,” there was a “No F-ing way.”  There was a “He F’d it up.”  There was a lot of anger…”
    Mutiny in th ranks?
  • Obama – Clinton Presidential podium hand-off.  Excuse: because Michelle’s waiting.  He’s got to go to a Christmas party.
    Why did they call Clinton?  It’s not Clinton’s tax rates that they are trying to keep in place.  It’s Bush’s.  Why didn’t he call Bush?  It’s Clinton’s tax rates everybody’s trying to avoid.
  • Obama Care Unconstitutional — victory toward repeal.
    “A federal judge in Virginia has declared the Obama’s health care reform law unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson is the first judge to rule against the law, which has been upheld by two others in Virginia and Michigan.”

    The federal government may not mandate, may not require that any of us buy anything. The health care law does. “The U.S. Justice Department and opponents of the health care law agree that the U.S. Supreme Court will have the final word,” and we don’t know when but they will have the final word.
  • “Coinciding with a federal judge’s ruling invalidating a key element of the health care reform wall in an ABC/Washington Post poll finds support for the landmark legislation at a new low, but divisions on what to do about it. A plurality in this group, 38%, say they’d rather wait and see before deciding on a direction.  The rest, 30%, would repeal parts of it while about as many, 29%, favor repealing all of it.”
    In other words — and this is what ABC and the Washington Post did not report about their own poll — 69% of the respondents favored repealing all or some of the bill.
  • OBAMA: This tax package does a couple things immediately for economic growth in Florida. Number one, for those folks who are looking for work right now it extends their unemployment benefits. Two million people across the country would lose their unemployment benefits at the end of this month if we did not move forward on this tax agreement… And economists say that not only is that good for those families, it’s good for the entire economy. It’s probably the biggest boost that we can give an economy because they’re the folks most likely to spend the money with businesses and that gives them customers.
    If this was the case, why isn’t our economy booming? We have people on unemployment benefit checks now for 99 months and counting. Why isn’t the economy booming?
  • 99% of all earmarks in the spending bill were Democrats’.
    From, headline:  “Senate Republican Leaders Take Heat Over Millions of Dollars in Earmarks — Some Republican leaders are taking heat for millions of dollars worth of earmarks they requested in a $1.1 trillion spending package on deck for passage this month. … Thune and Cornyn faced a barrage of hostile questions about their earmarks by reporters from NPR, ABC News and NBC News.

    Ninety-nine percent of the earmarks are Democrats.  Did anyone consider asking the Democrats about their earmarks? Journalistic malpractice.
  • Presidential approval
    Obama Ratings
    2009 -2010 Obama Ratings


Unfortunately I see no end to this post and the troubling issues it exposes.

This page will be an ongoing assessment of the confusing and deteriorating accomplishments of the current administration.

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