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This video contains the three main premisies for publication here. SIMPLE, TRUE, AND STRAIGHT FORWARD…

Speak of givebacks, how about all the contributions AIG gave to Obama and Chris Dodd? They came from AIG employees. Do you think they should give that money back, campaign contributions? They gave over a hundred thousand dollars to Chris Dodd and Obama.  Should they give the money back? Ed Morrissey at the blog, HotAir.comI […]

Have you seen the news of the tea party in Cincinnati last weekend?  Thousands of people showed up. These tea parties are blossoming and growing all over the fruited plain. People are fed up, and I’ll tell you what, it’s not about bonuses to AIG people.  That’s not why these tea parties are taking place. […]

Our biggest oil company, Exxon, is one of the smallest oil companies in the world if you factor in the Saudis and all of the Gulf states and their companies and so forth. Our domestic oil companies are huge within the context of the continental United States — well, including Alaska and Hawaii, but in […]

< Part 3 of 4 -see links below > McCain went down to talk to Big Oil execs. He gave a speech on energy and conservation. Here is the first of two portions. MCCAIN: We have proven oil reserves of at least 21 billion barrels in the United States, but a broad federal moratorium stands […]