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How much money’s been spent on Michelle Obama’s wardrobe, or Barbara Walters’ wardrobe or Katie Couric’s wardrobe or Diane Sawyer’s wardrobe or Hillary Clinton’s? For crying out loud, one of Mrs. Clinton’s famous political fashion designers, Susanna Chung Forest, who designed Hillary’s pantsuits, which, that’s gotta boost the resume. She says that it would be […]

Gloria Borger was on CNN’s Election Center last Tuesday night, the host Campbell Brown. “Where do things stand, Gloria? Is Sarah Palin hurting rather than helping the McCain campaign?” BORGER: Well, she certainly isn’t bringing along Hillary Clinton supporters. Anybody who thought that she was going to bring along Hillary Clinton supporters was not looking […]

Stephen Spruiell posting at National Review Online. “‘My 8th grade son is in an advanced English class at a public middle school here in Racine, Wisconsin. I just found out that my son’s new (copyright 2008) Wisconsin — McDougal Littell Literature book has 15 pages covering Barack Obama. I was shocked — No John McCain, […]

Investor’s Business Daily had a great editorial: “Should Congress Be ‘Perp-Walked’?” They say, “A federal grand jury in New York is probing the accounting shenanigans at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It’s about time, and we hope it doesn’t end there. Remember the early 2000s, when companies such as WorldCom, Enron, Tyco and Xerox suddenly […]

Last week — just outside Baghdad, at a palace once occupied by Saddam Hussein — Defense Secretary Robert Gates presided over an understated ceremony attended by top Iraqi and American officials. There, General David Petraeus handed over the flag of his command, the Multi-National Force, and said his farewells. The farewell came almost a year […]