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This post has been expanded and continued as a permalink – See Page: OBAMA ACCOMPLISHMENTS: An ongoing Saga I probably should have named this “My WTF list” but, being a family friendly site, I will just leave it as is. Due to site technical issues, and missing the past month of events, I would like […]

Georgia Democrat John Lewis has gotten a pass for years, primarily because he was brutally beaten by racists during the 1960s civil rights demonstrations. He’s lived off that horrid episode ever since, unleashing partisan attacks while posing as a moralist. Last Saturday, Rep. Lewis accused John McCain and Sarah Palin of “sowing the seeds of […]

The Politico: “More Americans now view energy as a serious concern than at the low point of the 1979 energy crisis, according to a Politico analysis of historical Gallup Polls. And the percentage of voters who consider energy issues ‘very important’ in determining their vote has also risen dramatically since the last election, from 54 […]

< Part 2 of 4 – see links below > Every time we have heard Democrats whine and moan about energy dependence, every time prices of gasoline have spiked and they do hearings on windfall profits of Big Oil, there’s a solution to this. Then we hear Obama say, “No drilling for oil, why, that’s […]

This story by, the blog, and a guy from the Philadelphia Daily News on April 14th, after having a conversation with Obama, published a story. Here’s the headline: “Obama AG To Review Potential Bush ‘Crimes.’” April 14th, 2008, the author Will Bunch. “Tonight I had an opportunity to ask Barack Obama a question that […]