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On June 12, the Supreme Court bestowed constitutional rights on foreign-born terrorists. The ruling is a chilling demonstration of the American divide; conservative and liberal. Four liberals on the Court — aided by Justice Kennedy — grabbed power. Their decision overturned precedent since our Founding that placed the prosecution of wars within the Executive Branch. […]

Obama: “Obama suggested that rising gas prices are not the problem. The problem, he suggested, is they’ve gone up too fast. He said he would prefer a ‘gradual adjustment.’” So your Democrat Party presidential nominee is all for rising gas prices. He just wouldn’t have had them go up this fast if he’d had anything […]

This story by, the blog, and a guy from the Philadelphia Daily News on April 14th, after having a conversation with Obama, published a story. Here’s the headline: “Obama AG To Review Potential Bush ‘Crimes.’” April 14th, 2008, the author Will Bunch. “Tonight I had an opportunity to ask Barack Obama a question that […]

Folks, this is the 6th of June. I realize that many of you know what the significance is of the 6th of June, but if all the adult Americans alive do not know what today is, then there is something very, very wrong. If every journalist, if every pundit, every blogger, every member of the […]

In the Washington Post, in a story on Obama meets with Clinton. Jonathan Weisman and Shailagh Murray: “Obama said he ‘appreciated very much’ the statement, and he instructed reporters to dismiss all speculation about possible running mates. He said he will neither discuss the selection process nor parade prospects in public,” as McCain has. He […]