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Sorry for the long absence. The search for a job in the Obama economy is difficult, to say the least, and has taken most of my time this year. I continue the battle against the insanity of the Obama administration policies, just on a more limited schedule. I will return to my blog as soon […]

People see their liberty being taken away.  People see their freedom being taken away.  Old people see their health care being taken away.  They see it. They know what’s in the bill, and that’s why all this is happening. And now the president of the United States is leading and promoting an intimidation of average […]

Word somehow got out that ACORN and a bunch of Obamamites are so upset by this that they are planning on infiltrating the tea parties to cause mayhem and unrest and violence, that Obamamites from ACORN want there to be fights and all kinds of violence breaking out to make it look like the people […]

In this wonderful digital age, computers tend to have a mind of their own. After a few technical difficulties, Frustrated Inc. now returns, full steam ahead. So… expect a flood of wonderful posts. NOW IS THE TIME TO PAY ATTENTION.

Our biggest oil company, Exxon, is one of the smallest oil companies in the world if you factor in the Saudis and all of the Gulf states and their companies and so forth. Our domestic oil companies are huge within the context of the continental United States — well, including Alaska and Hawaii, but in […]