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You may have seen this. This week, a lot of your local newspapers ran an AP story about glaciers that deserves a second look — especially if you can read between the lines. The story begins with the assertion that “global warming is shrinking glaciers all over the world.” But then, the article describes a […]

Ok, a couple of items… The Messiah, Barry Hussein Obama, got zero bounce in the polls from his little intern tour of Europe. Then he had to throw his buddy, the rapper Ludacris, under the bus for his offensive lyrics in a pro-Obama song. So to get his campaign back on track, the Barry resorted […]

About Obama and his suggestion that you start teaching your children Spanish, fine and dandy, but I have some other languages I think they should learn first. And your kids should have learned it from you, if they’re not learning it in school. The odds are pretty good they’re not learning it there: the language […]

Al Gore is even more of an energy Bigfoot than he was last year. A year ago, the Tennessee Center for Policy Research revealed that Gore’s home gobbled up more energy every month than the average American household uses in a year. So Gore publicly claimed that he was going to make his home “more […]

Let me give you some oil data here… According to the US Department of Energy, US oil production has fallen approximately 40% since 1985, while US consumption has grown more than 30%. So in real barrels, US oil production is now below five million barrels a day. It was approximately nine million barrels a day […]