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Some random characters, (Â), may appear in post restored to the database, after the current round of technical difficulties.  As time allows, I am correcting each post to resolve this issue. If anyone has a quicker solution to this problem, please feel free to leave suggestions. Regards, Phantom Lady Update: 5/16/2010 Most erroneous characters have […]

Thanks to all for your patience. It looks like the technical issues the site was experiencing have been resolved. I am pleased to announce the return of this blog to full function and expression. Glad to be back, Phantom Lady

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As you can see, I took a break for quite a while. The events of the last 3 or 4 months have been flabbergasting to say the least. I have watched and listened in utter amazement. Time after time, I was shocked by the media, by the President, and by our elected representatives. I am […]


After 3 mths of DataBase problems, Frustrated Inc. is encouraged to inform all of our return to the web. As far behind as we have fallen, all efforts will be made to catch up as quickly as possible. Regards, Phantom Lady


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