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This story by, the blog, and a guy from the Philadelphia Daily News on April 14th, after having a conversation with Obama, published a story. Here’s the headline: “Obama AG To Review Potential Bush ‘Crimes.’” April 14th, 2008, the author Will Bunch. “Tonight I had an opportunity to ask Barack Obama a question that […]

A story that the Denver Post published that this charity group, Friends of New Orleans, which is headed up by Donna Brazile and James Carville, was going to pay for a party, a welcoming party at the Denver convention center and the opening day, the Sunday night prior to the Democrat National Convention beginning. This […]

Folks, this is the 6th of June. I realize that many of you know what the significance is of the 6th of June, but if all the adult Americans alive do not know what today is, then there is something very, very wrong. If every journalist, if every pundit, every blogger, every member of the […]

Obama, last Monday, on Good Morning America — Robin Roberts: “You know what’s going on in Tennessee, the GOP there and their web campaign about taking the remarks you made earlier about being the first time in your adult life being proud of the US, should you get through this process and you have the […]

Hillary Clinton, at a press conference on oil prices and the like, embarrassed herself. —- HILLARY: When I’m president, we will finally get tough with OPEC. You know, OPEC is a cartel. It’s basically a monopoly of the 13 biggest oil producing nations. They get together in a room a couple of times a year, […]