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  Just to start this off, lets begin with full disclosure on my thoughts on abortion – Straight forward and without any reservations, you can call me the ultimate Constitutionalist when it comes to this subject. The Declaration of Independence IN CONGRESS, July 4 1776.  Jefferson’s “original Rough draught”, on exhibit in the Library of […]

  Source: Fox News: Greg Gutfeld Watch the latest video at Blunt… but TRUE.

Emperor Obama’s Political Reality:   Pre-Obama American Founding Father’s Political Reality:

  Just imagine if he cared as much about the unemployed, taxpaying citizen of this nation who cannot get health care as he cares about those who are not citizens. The irony is amazing.  Obama is claiming that our immigration system is “broken.” This from the guy who refused to enforce the immigration laws for […]

President Barack Obama tried to rewrite history by claiming that his position had not changed regarding legal authority for executive orders on immigration that he is now considering. During a press conference in Brisbane, Australia, Obama was asked what had changed since he made comments in 2013 that he was “not king” and “not the […]