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I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

In the waning hours of the campaign season, Representative Jack Murtha (Democrat, Pennsylvania) is seeking help from and every other fringe group he can find to hold on to his seat.

Despite slandering our troops — falsely accusing them of killing innocent men, women, and children in Iraq — Jack Murtha was considered a safe bet for reelection.

Despite threats to withhold funds for our troops on the battlefield, Murtha was considered a safe bet.

Despite vocally opposing the surge in Iraq, and advocating surrender — both positions proven wrong — Murtha was considered a safe bet.

Then he called his own voters in western Pennsylvania racists. He apologized. Then days later, he called them rednecks.

Now Murtha, in a tight race, is depending on MoveOn to save his rear. He sent out a fundraising letter claiming that smear attacks by me and others are behind his troubles. Utter nonsense.

Murtha’s own trademark arrogance and bigotry that has led to his difficulties; nothing else.

On one hand, Pennsylvania voters have a candidate, William Russell — a retired Army lieutenant colonel who respects our military — and his fellow citizens.

William Russell. R-U-S-S-E-L-L.

And then, there’s Jack Murtha, who despises our fighting military, and has even greater contempt for the people of his own state who elected him.

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