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I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

Bob Shrum, Democrat consultant,  on Andrea Mitchell’s  show last week on MSNBC. MITCHELL: I wanted to ask you about a report in the New York Times today. The president’s going to take on immigration reform, which, of course, became impossible for George Bush. With all of his good intentions he wasn’t able to accomplish it, […]

The more that comes out about this bill, the less it makes sense, even The Politico, which is one of these places totally in the tank for Obama, reports the projected local job creation numbers that the White House is using to lobby for the bill simply don’t add up. The Wall Street Journal, reports […]

A story out of Alaska involving Governor Sarah Palin, and what it demonstrates is that you can cut government but you have to really get far from Washington. “Gov. Sarah Palin announced in her State of the State Speech on Thursday night that she wants to freeze all state hiring except for public safety but […]

Any time anybody who wasn’t even associated with McCain’s campaign said something like “Barack Hussein Obama,” then the left starts prancing around all angry and so forth CNN’s Campbell Brown — ran a story defending Sarah Palin. Now, this might only be on their website. I don’t know that it aired either. “Whatever you may […]

Robin Roberts interviewing Barack Obama, and she said, “Do you have any regrets that you said to Joe the Plumber, your spread the wealth comments?” OBAMA: Not at all. Look, if John McCain’s best argument is that he wants to continue the same Bush tax cuts for the very wealthiest Americans that in 2000 he […]