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I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

“Monsanto Co., the world’s biggest seed maker, said today that it planned to make deeper work force cuts than previously announced, saying it will reduce its staff by about 8 percent to cut costs. In June, Monsanto had said it was cutting about 4 percent of its staff, or about 900 jobs. The new target of 8 percent indicates the St. Louis-based company is cutting about 1,800 jobs.”

How is that hope and change working for you?

That’s more people without health insurance, and guess what? What better thing can happen to Obama, more and more people to lose their health insurance, demanding it.

How is that hope and change working out for you, America?

Unemployment is approaching 10%. We are $13 trillion in the hole. Our government is borrowing and printing money almost as fast as they can spend it. And Obama wants to throw more money away on government-run health care.

We’re eight months into his Stimulus plan and we are worse off than we were. And yet he opens the speech to the Congress with the biggest lie

“We’re coming back from the brink with the economy, our plan is working.”

Hu ???

From CNBC:

“Home foreclosures in August jumped 18 percent from a year ago, but decreased 0.47 from the previous month, according to a new report by RealtyTrac, an online marketplace for foreclosure properties. In all, 358,471 properties in the United States received foreclosure fillings in August, just slightly below July’s record level of 360,149 properties. ‘The August report demonstrates that there is still an ample supply of properties filling the foreclosure pipeline even while the outflow of bank-owned REO [real estate owned] properties onto the resale market is being more carefully regulated.’ … Michael Barr, the Treasury’s assistant secretary for financial institutions, told a House Financial Services subcommittee Wednesday that even if the Home Affordable Modification Program is a success –” this is where Obama will keep you in your house, “– we should still expect millions of foreclosures.”

And yet we’re coming back from the brink of the economy. Our plan is working. We saved a million jobs.


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