Frustrated Incorporated
I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

The AP reports

“a steady flow of new immigrants is giving a population boost” to cities “that have been seeing serious declines, including Chicago, Miami, New York, and Los Angeles.”

That assertion is from a study by the liberal Brookings Institution. The report finds that over the last decade, 20 out of 40 cities like Boston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco all lost American-born residents but gained immigrant population.

Question: What do these cities have in common?

They’re all run by Democrats. And, with the exception of Miami, they’re all in blue states. Population declines would mean losing congressional seats and massive federal funding.

So, despite the news reports you’ve heard that immigration has declined due to the economy, we are suddenly told that blue states haven’t lost population after all, thanks to immigrants. Why, it’s a miracle!

Especially since, as AP says,

“states like California, Illinois, and New York had been hoping to stem population drops before the 2010 census.”

Yes, the immigrant population that “lives in the shadows” supposedly came right out into the sunlight for the folks at Brookings to count.

Now you see why it is important to Democrats to have groups like ACORN involved in the census count. Of course, anyone who questions them on this will be accused of being anti-immigrant and racist. What we have here is the setup for yet another Democrat hoax, in their effort to hold onto power through outright fraud and deceit.

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