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If I make a mistake, it will be acknowledged and corrected.  This is one of those incidences, where an error was made. Statements referring to this error have been –crossed out-, but not deleted. The remaining statements are true and pertinent to the Obama/Union/Non-Union relationships.


Obama visits Solar Panel Company in California today.

Mike Zapler

…in a boost to the Bay Area’s status as a hub of the cleantech industry, President Barack Obama will tour Fremont solar panel manufacturer Solyndra during a 19-hour swoop through the region next week. Solyndra received a $535 million federal loan guarantee last year to build a new solar panel manufacturing plant that now employs 1,000 workers, according to the White House. The Obama administration has touted the project as a major success story of the economic stimulus bill, which provided the funding. A second phase is expected to employ an additional 1,000 people, Solyndra officials have said.

Reported on the local bay station, KRON 4

FREMONT (KRON) — Construction workers at the Solyndra Plant in Fremont will be spending the day at home Wednesday without pay as President Obama visits the company to praise its work on solar panels. Union workers have been told not to come back until Thursday because of security concerns associated with the President’s visit. Workers tell KRON 4’s Kate Thompson this day off means they won’t get paid. “It’s with no pay and we have no choice,” construction worker Adam Bracamontes told Kate. “We have to take a day off and come back Thursday. We don’t get to meet the President. We’re the workers and we don’t get to see him.” “I’m a little bummed because I would love to meet the President,” worker Rich Patten added. “We were told we had the day off so it is what it is.” KRON 4’s Gabe Slate reports the President chose Solyndra because it received stimulus funds to help create green jobs. Neither the company nor several unions returned Kate’s calls for comment on why the workers were losing a day’s pay for the President’s visit.

A few relevant facts…

U.S. Bureau of Labor:

In 2009, the union membership rate–the percent of wage and salary workers who were members of a union–was 12.3 percent, essentially unchanged from 12.4 percent a year earlier…

Solar energy makes up about 1% of U.S. energy production.

I can understand why Obama only wants Union members to attend his visit in Fremont. The only sectors of the economy actually benefiting from his policies are the unions and government workers.  So, why include the rest of us in his events?


The First Black President is a critical and passionate reflection on the political and historical implications of an Obama administration concerning the issue of race in America.  Obama’s rise to political power has forever changed the contours of race relations in the country as many hail the new age of a “post-racial” society.

“Post-racial”, really??  More like “post-American.” When you divide the country by union membership, is that not destructive? Should we be looking for “Non-Union Members not welcome” signs popping up all over the place.

For this event, you should stay home without pay…
because our righteous leader is going to speak.

I understand he represents Unions and the public sector, but are you part of the 88 % of Non-Union workers in the United States or part of that 12% that is so cozy with our President?

My problem with unions is not representation.  My problem is the ideological orientation of government worker union leaders.  They are stripping the country and raping the country blind.  They are destroying the private sector where wealth is created.  The jobs for public sector government workers do not produce anything.  The taxpayers who are paying these people do not make anywhere near as much money as the people they are paying.  They support liberal socialist political causes and candidates which are creating great harm to the country, pure and simple.

I’m not even talking about the rank-and-file members in my criticism here. The dirty little secret here is too many union leaders have as much real concern for their workers as socialist communist leaders ever had for the proletariat.  They don’t care about them.  They care about themselves, ingratiating themselves with power.  SEIU is a microcosm of the Soviet Union, and Andy Stern is the MOST frequent visitor to the White House.

How much representation in the White House is the other 88% of the population getting??

Is 88% of the population a SECURITY RISK??

We all know the “stay home without pay,  if your Non-Union,” seems to be the current administration’s economic policy for the country.  Refer to the last 18 months… 

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Is it Union workers or Non-Union workers who are being told to stay home without pay?

I see the correction being that it is Union workers and NOT non-Union workers being told to stay home, but what is the rationale for this?

Hi John,
Actually it was some of the Union construction workers told to stay home. Honestly, I have no clue on rationale for this action. I would think the more Union supporters the President can surround himself with, would in his mind, boost the illusion that he is popular. As we know, he is only popular with that group of constituents. They reflect his ideology.

Kate Thompson reported the incident but there was no followup answers provided by the company or the administration.

I would think, after the news breaks that his Union friends aren’t going to get paid, the company and the government will do whatever is needed to be sure they get reimbursed for lost wages. He doesn’t want to alienate more of his continually shrinking base.

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