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Elizabeth Warren is the presumptive Democrat nominee running against Scott Brown, who was named by Harry Reid to oversee the TARP bailout.


Video: In September, during her “talking tour,” Elizabeth Warren, professor at Harvard Law, talking about the economy and class warfare.

Elizabeth Warren believes that since the government, “pays for the basics,” such as roads, that the government thus controls everything. Obama is surrounded by people like this.

She forgets that this factory owner and factory builder also paid taxes that built the roads and the infrastructure around, and so did his employees.

The government doesn’t have any money until it takes it from people first. But this notion that we’re all just one giant commune is the justification for the redistribution of wealth.

This is the liberal justification for class warfare, for class envy, for redistribution of wealth, for taking, because nobody really deserves what they have.

Nobody should have anything more than anybody else because everybody always does it on the backs of other people.

The factory owner, illegitimate. The business owner, illegitimate. Nothing special about him. Nothing special about somebody who built something from nothing because he really didn’t. He couldn’t have done it without screwing a bunch of other people along the way.

Total collectivism. It’s all found in Marx. It’s all there, and it’s all based on the presumption that all success is illegitimate, including the success of the country.

Pay attention America, this is what they believe. This is liberal policy foundation.

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