Frustrated Incorporated
I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

What are we conservatives about?

We’re about liberty. We are about country. We are about faith. We are about loyalty to our troops on the battlefield. We are about winning wars. We are about sending whatever reinforcements and resources our soldiers need to defeat the terrorists or our enemies anywhere they appear on the battlefield. We are about, as conservatives, limited government and individual liberty, free, genuinely free, political speech. The freedom to exercise your religion, your private property rights, the right to keep most of what you earn.

This is who we are.

This is what we believe.

This used to be our movement.

These are things that Harry Reid, Tom Harkin, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrats work day and night to diminish. The left is about seizing and keeping power. They are about undermining the traditions and institutions that have made the country great. That would include the Constitution, which they dismiss as a living and breathing document, to be interpreted by activist judges at the behest of liberal trial lawyers. They want the Constitution to bend and shape to accommodate where they happen to be in a given year, in a given month, on a given day.

We know who they are.

They are John Kerry, who was celebrated when he lied about our soldiers in Vietnam in testimony before a Senate committee, who met with the enemy while still in the military, and who has spent most of his career smearing the military and undermining them.

It’s about Jack Murtha, who is now the subject of a lawsuit for calling our brave Marines murderers of innocent civilians before any facts were known, and he did it at a press conference, not the floor of the House, just to make sure the entire world would hear it.

It’s about Dick Durbin, the number-two Democrat in the Senate, who actually compared our soldiers to Nazis, to Stalin’s assassins, and to Pol Pot’s killers.

It’s about Ted Kennedy, who compared our military to Saddam Hussein’s henchmen. What he said was, during Abu Ghraib, “No difference, just under new management, the US military.”

It’s about Harry Reid, who declared the war lost, while brave men and women are on the battlefield winning the war against the terrorists.

These are the leaders and the voices of the Democrat opposition.

I am sick and tired, getting up every day and looking at the news and listening to Democrats about how this is wrong and that’s bad, everything is going to hell in a hand basket. Every day is a crisis. We’re going to die of global warming. We’re going to die of too much coffee. They scare us, they are doom and gloom apocalyptic pessimists, and Americans are sick and tired of this abuse of our military and our country.

“They wage war on President Bush with more fervor and more energy, more passion, more desire, than they join the war on genuine enemies of this country.” — Rush Limbaugh

One day Harry Reid is going to have to answer to the people, he will, as do all of these politicians. They’re just temporary inhabitants of these public offices, and when they abuse their offices, as Reid does every day, it eventually catches up with them. Ask Tom Foley. Ask Tom Daschle.

The Democrat Party cannot survive on the basis of its ideas. Liberalism cannot triumph openly in the arena of ideas. It can only triumph by destroying, via character assassination and other things, its opponents. They don’t dare come join us in the arena of ideas for open debate on issues. And if they do, it will soon descend into personal assaults and attacks.

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