Frustrated Incorporated
I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

We conservatives are not whiners.

We’re doers!

Life is hard. It’s got roadblocks. It’s got obstacles. It’s got challenges to it. It’s got liberals in it, and it’s got government, whoever is running it. The difference between liberals and conservatives is: We don’t sit around and whine about things. We do whatever is necessary to get past these obstacles, because whining doesn’t accomplish anything, and complaining.

I realize we all have to vent, but it’s sort of like saying you feel sorry for somebody.

Good. What’s that going to do for ’em? A little show of affection, “I feel so sorry,” good. That’s great, but now what are you going to do?

Life is action!

It’s not a spectator sport, and we conservatives do not go around feeling sorry. We lament the fact that government’s in our way and we try to do everything we can to elect people that will get government out of our way, but sometimes they don’t.

We don’t give up and start whining about it.

We kick ’em out, and we replace ’em with new people, or else they quit on their own, so they can become lobbyists a year before the rules change. (No names mentioned here.)

If the Democrats get in. You think you’ve got obstacles to running your business now — that’s the nature of government. It grows and it intercedes and it wants to take more and more control via regulation and a number of other things, as we all know.

We do have a great war that we’re fighting here, but I may have a different definition of the war we’re fighting.

I think the war we’re fighting in this war in this country is against liberals. The war that we’re fighting here is against the media, who are trying to secure America’s defeat, who are trying to promote in the minds of as many Americans as possible that there is no such thing anymore as American exceptionalism. They’re trying to pollute and poison the minds of the American people into believing their country’s better days are behind them, and we have no future, and it’s bleak and it’s miserable.

I have no patience for that because it,

A. isn’t true — and I get very frustrated, when people fall prey to the old conventional wisdom about that. Because we’re a bunch of doers. Anybody can sit around and complain about what is and then blame the president for it. But I want you to ask yourselves, Just how much impact on a daily basis in your business or your life does any elected official have, as opposed to the impact on it you can have?

Now, I’m not being Pollyannaish here, because there are differences.

A liberal politician in charge is going to be a much greater obstacle than, say, a conservative or somebody else. We’ve had liberals in power, in my lifetime; we’ve had Republicans in power, and throughout my lifetime, people have prospered, and they have done what’s necessary to do so. We’re involved in politics, and we’re interested in politics primarily because we each, as individuals, have a vision for the future of the country, and we realize that there is a government, and we realize it has to be led.

We also realize that a lot of people in the country have to be led, that they’re not self-starters and so we want leaders that reflect our world view and our core beliefs and principles. When we don’t get them, we think, “Oh, my gosh, we’re in trouble. Ah, everything is going to hell in a handbasket,” but it never really does.

However, we’re at a point now where I think a lot of people are really, truly worried about what the future of the country will be, given the election of the Clintons. You have more control over your life and your future and how to deal with these obstacles than you realize, and if you just learn to get hold of and grasp that concept, just the idea of being able to take action to deal with it, and sometimes it’s not going to work, nothing works all the time, there are going to be ups and downs — and that’s the point.

But for every down there is a corresponding up that’s going to happen down the road, and when the up happens, we’re generally better off than we were when the previous down occurred.

Miserable all the time, that’s liberals. They’re incapable of being happy, and look at ’em! They’re literally miserable.

We all only get one life — — and there’s enough suffering in life without making your own, which is what way too many of us do.

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