Frustrated Incorporated
I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

I’ll tell you, this business of intentions, I don’t even want to get into it.

Examine results.

Examining intentions is how we let the left get away with destroying the black family and other poor families with the war on poverty, and the Great Society.

They’ve destroyed the health care system, or are on the way to with all of this stuff. “But their intentions, they only wanted to help.” Yeah, they wanted to, but look what they ended up doing?

The intentions of getting the money out of politics was so offensive from the get-go. Every time I heard somebody say, Senator McCain or anyone else,”We’re good people. It’s the money that’s corrupting us. Gotta get the money outta here. The money is corrupting, we’re good people! Get the money out!”

We have more money in politics every year than we had the year before. So it was the system that’s corrupting everybody, and of course people bought that.

All this good intentions garbage.

The intentions of this were to silence critics of incumbents. It’s exactly what the intentions were.

Do they think we are a bunch of idiots?

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