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I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

Barack Hussein Obama attempted to refine his anti-war credentials.

He claimed the Iraq war has diminished “our security, our standing in the world, our military, our economy, and resources” that we need to meet the challenges of this centuary.

Now, my friends, it’s been almost seven years since 9/11. We have disrupted terror cells all over the world — and here. While operations in Iraq and Afghanistan are the most visible, our military has successfully prosecuted the war on terror worldwide.

Contrary to Obama’s claims, our military is not diminished. It remains the envy of the world, as does our economy. Only a fool would argue that America is less safe.

And there is a Party of Fools out there — the Democrats.

They have vehemently opposed American victory in the war on terror. They spent the last seven years undermining the troops, and attempting to deny them the resources that they need. And now the Democrats won’t even praise our success in Iraq. Before running for president, their leader, The Messiah Barack Obama, spent 143 whole days in the Senate. His sole contribution to the war effort is taking off his flag pin because, he said, a pin doesn’t constitute patriotism.

In this war, the only focus has been the Democrats’ focus on power — at the expense of American security.

My friends, in a sane political environment, this speech would have sealed Obama’s political fate. Then again, in a sane political environment, he wouldn’t even be a contender for president — nor would McCain, for that matter!

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