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I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

Last week, John McCain attacked the Bush Administration for wasteful spending, while Obama blamed Bush and Wall Street for economic conditions overall. Both these candidates promised vast improvement if elected.

McCain’s version included giving himself some wiggle room on his commitment not to raise taxes. Obama, hopeless as ever, merely offered to change course with some “immediate action.”

But neither candidate mentioned Congress, my friends, and as everybody who’s had Civics 101 knows, it isn’t the president who ultimately sets the budget or formulates tax policy; it is Congress. Just as important, Congress performs all kinds of social engineering — from housing to education — which greatly impacts the economy as well.

With gas prices and housing among the topmost issues for voters, we have a golden opportunity, here, for conservatives.

For decades, liberal policies from Congress — forbidding more drilling and refining of oil — have restrained energy growth. Even now, Nancy Pelosi refuses to allow drilling to be taken up by the House (because she says she has to “save the planet).

And liberal welfare-state policy-making from Congress fueled the sub-prime debacle (not Wall Street), as well as the horrendous election-year “housing rescue” bill that just passed. In every screw-up — from education to health care — you will find the fingerprints of liberalism and Congress.

The real change required to heal decades of mismanagement in government is not about changing the cast of characters in the White House or a change of skin color of a candidate.

It really does begin in Congress… after it begins with you — because you’re the one who send them there!

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