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How much money’s been spent on Michelle Obama’s wardrobe, or Barbara Walters’ wardrobe or Katie Couric’s wardrobe or Diane Sawyer’s wardrobe or Hillary Clinton’s? For crying out loud, one of Mrs. Clinton’s famous political fashion designers, Susanna Chung Forest, who designed Hillary’s pantsuits, which, that’s gotta boost the resume. She says that it would be unusual for a candidate as famous as Sarah Palin to need to buy clothes at all, meaning most of these women are not buying their clothes, they’re given to them by the designers in order to get publicity, just as Hollywood starlets on the red carpet before the Emmys and the Oscars, those gowns are all donated. The jewels are all donated and half the time these reprobate stars try and keep the jewels rather than give them back. It’s amazing to me Harry Winston still stays in business, the Hollywood people don’t give back his baubles, so now we find out Hillary didn’t buy her pantsuits. Who knows however many other fashion leaders in female media and politics are not buying their own clothes.

The same liberal media that tells us that gay marriage, abortion, the failure to wear a flag lapel pin, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, et cetera, those are all irrelevant — and they’ve now gone with this wardrobe nonsense for a days.

I mean, if they’re going to start looking into Sarah Palin’s wardrobe costs, this is ridiculous and absurd. Where does this stop? What strikes me about this, and this is the honest-to-God truth, Palin is supposedly the middle-class woman these elites claim to embrace. Now, the fact that they are mocking her for not having a wardrobe for herself that would meet their standards, is pathetic.

So the Republican Party goes out, nominates a working woman without a trust fund, without a sugar daddy. She’s a self-made woman, and this is how they mock her.

When’s the last time you saw Hillary at Neiman Marcus or Macy’s or wherever else? You don’t see them there, do you? When’s the last time you saw John Kerry at Turnbull & Asser buying his shirts? He wears Turnbull & Asser shirts. Do you think he walks to Turnbull & Asser in Boston and patrols the aisles, or do you think they might send somebody to his Beacon Hill townhouse?

Republicans have nominated a working woman without a trust fund, without a sugar daddy, a self-made woman, and look how they treat her — and look at what John Murtha says about his own constituents. First they’re “racists” and now they’re “rednecks.” Barack Obama in San Francisco (paraphrased),

Ah, those people in Pennsylvania, they’re just bitter. They cling to their guns and they cling to their religion when people move into the neighborhood that doesn’t look like them. You have to watch these people.”

This is how they treat people of modest means.

This is the arrogant condescension that I have constantly warned you about regarding the way the left looks at average Americans, the so-called people they really care about: the little guy, the people they really care about.

Look at what they really think of them — you. Look at what they really think of you. These are elite snobs looking down at the people of this country.

CBS story:

“CBS News has confirmed that the Republican National Committee spent up to $150,000 on what appears to be wardrobe and makeup spending at high-end department stores for … Sarah Palin.”

Scandal, scandal, scandal, ladies and gentlemen! Scandal!

“[O]ne of the most famous political fashion designers of the year, Susanna Chung Forest, who designed Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits,”says it would be unusual for a candidate as famous as Sarah Palin to need to buy clothes,” in the first place. She said, “Why do you need to pay for it?” Her boutique, by the way, is in Beverly Hills. She says “that most designers would offer to clothe a candidate for free. ‘It’s an honor, you are going to design for someone who could be the president of the United States’

… The Los Angeles Times reported earlier this year that Senator Clinton’s custom made pantsuits from Forest were worth about $6,350 a piece retail.”

What a shocker. Do you know what the shock is? The shock is that Sarah Palin and the Republicans actually paid money for their own clothes. Don’t they know, like Democrats, they can get them for free? They actually paid for it! Why, how out of touch can you be to pay for your own clothes?
It seems to me that the Republicans will pay thousands of dollars to get women into clothes while the Democrats spend thousands of dollars to get women out of their clothes.

Now, this is the way to look at this. How about the guy from West Palm Beach, Tim Mahoney? Tim Mahoney paid off one of his mistresses’ 121 grand and then gave her $50,000 for a-no-show job. That’s $171,000 to get her out of her clothes and then to keep her mouth shut. You couldn’t even make a nice dent in what Jesse Jackson has paid his mistress.

Jackson had ‘provided his mistress with $40,000 in moving expenses, a $365,000 house and $10,000 a month in child support.'”

Let’s add this up: ten grand a month, plus a $365,000 house. So let’s add $400,000 for the house and moving expenses, $10,000 a month in child support, and we’re sitting here worried about what the hell Sarah Palin’s wardrobe cost and whether it came from campaign funds?

Did Jesse Jackson’s payments to his mistress come from slush funds? Where did Tim Mahoney get his cash to pays off his mistress? How about Eliot Spitzer? He dropped up to $80,000 on sex with prostitutes, another Democrat. Eliot Spitzer.

How can we forget John Edwards?

“[A]n earlier payment of $14,000 by to Edwards’ mistress from the candidate’s political action committee was exchanged for 100 hours of unused videotape she shot producing short Web movies. The earlier $14,000 payment to Edwards is significant because its source was Edwards one America Political Action Committee.”

How long did they sit on that story before they were dragged kicking and screaming to cover it? They’re trying to make a scandal out of the fact the RNC bought a wardrobe for Sarah Palin, when the Democrats are running around, these designers are running around bragging about how they get theirs for free.

It doesn’t tell us anything about her.

It tells us about her critics and who they are.

This is just mean, it’s elitist, it’s arrogant, it’s condescending.

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