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I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

Well, it all started years ago with “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”. Now about 250 organizations in the United States and Canada are taking part in “Take Your Child Outside” week.It started in North Carolina last year, and quickly spread — because, say supporters, it will help to fight the maladies that affect our children: obesity, too much videogame-playing and net-surfing.

“Today’s children do not seem to have the same connection to the outdoors,”

says Sue Holts, a spokeswoman for Missouri’s Department of Natural Resources.

I guess not, Sue! Half of them are scared witless that global warming will burn them alive if they step outside. They’ve got to put on sun-screen to avoid getting cancer from the evil Sun. They’re afraid if they step on the beach they might kill baby turtles — or see the poor polar bears drown. Besides, if they get hurt playing outside, their parents don’t have any health insurance; I mean, they’re screwed!

Worse yet, there’s no government program to provide free breakfast or lunch if they’re outside. Midnight basketball has lost its appeal, so what possible reason do children have, Sue, to go outside?

But if you liberals are intent on having yet another “theme week” for children, let me suggest this one for you:“Let Your Child Outside the Womb” week.

How do you think that one will fly — especially today? Hmmm?

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