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I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

Peter Schiff said:

As the markets drop we are not seeing the problem, we’re seeing the solution. When the markets drop we know we got a problem. The markets dropping are the beginning of the solution.

And of course President Obama and Congress are trying to prevent the solution and make the problem even worse.

Susan Collins is already committed. Arlen Specter and Olympia Snowe held in their hands the future of the United States economy.

435 representatives, 100 senators voted on the biggest spending spree in history without reading it. — It’s over a thousand pages— That’s about a Billion dollars a page!!

Do you know that lobbyists got a copy of the bill before anybody on Capitol Hill got a copy of it, including congressional staff? Lobbyists got the bill prior to any congressional staff or members of the House and Senate.

In order for a member of Congress to read the whole bill, before the vote Friday, they would have had to start at 11 o’clock Thursday night and read over two-and-a-half pages a minute until the vote was taken. Nobody has read it.

There was a promise from the Obama administration, the new era of responsibility and transparency, that all such legislation would be posted on the Internet for five days so that the public could read what is being voted on. Ain’t going to happen, didn’t happen.

In addition, they have reformatted the bill. They’ve made it a PDF file when they posted it. Now, for those of you that don’t use computers, basically what that means is that it cannot be keyword searched. A PDF file is essentially a picture of a page, and so you can read every page but you cannot keyword search it. It’s not a text file as legislation normally is, as posted on these public websites.

Intentional? Damn Right!!

They don’t want anybody knowing what’s in this. They want it happening as fast as possible so nobody can know what’s in it.

The Media; I don’t know if these people know just how much they are embarrassing themselves. They not only have abandoned their professional responsibility here, it’s almost to the point they have abandoned their citizenship. They have no idea what’s in this, and yet they are promoting it. Now, in the old days, you know, there are things happening in this country today, things being accepted in this country today that ten years ago would not have been. We have the Media now having become activists.

They’re not journalists, they’re not curious, they are simple activists.

They are promoting, they are pushing this piece of legislation without any idea what’s in it. There’s not a one of them who can raise his hand and say,

“Yes, I’ve read it. I know what’s in it and here’s why I think it’s good.”

There’s not one of them. The only way they can stand up and say they support this,

“Hey, it’s Obama, change. He won the election; he gets what he wants; he’s our guy.”

Isn’t it interesting that one of the reasons mainstream journalism exists, ostensibly, is to probe people in positions of power in government. If there were a handbook — and there is — that would be one of the primary things.

Didn’t we hear that for the last eight years from the, “Distroy Bush Fanatics” ?

In the old days, if you worked in a tiny little worthless newspaper in some little town, and you wanted to work at a bigger paper, what you had to do was find some powerful person in the town where you worked and do a profile destroying them, finding out how they got their power, who they cheated, who they screwed in the process, even if you had to make it up, as long as you took out somebody in power, you got noticed by the bigger papers, and then they brought you in. Today, mainstream journalists are out trying to destroy average Americans who are not in power politically, who are trying to get the truth out about this legislation and this president.

And so the mainstream media is now just part of the Obama army, and it is embarrassing to watch, because, as these people engage in this behavior, it is quite obvious that they are among the most uninformed of citizens in the country. They are among the most uneducated, and yet they claim to be members of the elite, better and smarter than everyone else. Only they are capable of probing people in power. But don’t you dare probe them, don’t you dare try to find out what kind of life failings they’ve had either in their youth or in their college days or as adults, don’t try to find out about their divorces, don’t try to find out about their DUIs, they aren’t the story, they have always said.

Well, they have become the story. They have inserted themselves right smack-dab in the story. Their motives are just as subject to investigation as are any elected officials. They have joined forces, they have become activists.

It is embarrassing to watch this play out. It is as though they are unconcerned about the effect on their own lives, of this legislation. They are unconcerned about the effect on their own families, of this legislation. They are unconcerned about the effect on the country, of this legislation. None of that matters. They don’t even care to know what’s in it. They’re not the slightest bit curious.

It is breathtaking to behold the dissent to which people who claim and think that they’re the smartest people in the room have joined the dunce class. It’s also quite dangerous when they join forces with powerful people to try to destroy harmless, innocent individual citizens such as Joe the Plumber, so forth. Oh, they still will poke at people in power if they are Republicans, i.e., Sarah Palin, but they will not deign to investigate one suspicious thing.

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