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I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

Have you seen the news of the tea party in Cincinnati last weekend?  Thousands of people showed up.

These tea parties are blossoming and growing all over the fruited plain.

People are fed up, and I’ll tell you what, it’s not about bonuses to AIG people.  That’s not why these tea parties are taking place.

These tea parties — God love you people doing them. These tea parties are taking place because people are tired of paying the freight for people who refuse to work, they’re tired of paying mortgages for people who are making no effort to pay them.  They are tired of bailing out failed companies.  They are tired of things like unions and card check being forced on small business.

These tea parties are a direct result of an outrage at this administration for trying to wipe out the fundamental building blocks of this nation’s founding.

That’s what’s under assault, capitalism and this nation’s founding, and that’s what these tea these tea parties are all about. They’re not happening because of bonuses to people that work at AIG.  One hundred fifty tea parties have taken place or are planned across the fruited plain.

Notice how we never hear about all these from the Media.  Boy, didn’t they enjoy the Anti-War Protest?

I guess destroying the country from the inside of government doesn’t seem to interest all the elites in the media now the Democrats are running the show.

For the last 8 years, I remember being told…

“It’s Patriotic to criticize the President, the Military and about anything they could come up with…”

Aren’t we just being patriotic?

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These are complicated issues where there is more than meets the eye. How can anyone process information with half truth. I’m with you….the simple (whole) truth is what we all need.

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