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Big Oil is under the big spot lights in the Senate. The Senate Judiciary Committee headed up by Senator Pat Leahy is grilling Big Oil, as they always do when these prices jump to points that have the public outraged, and of course what ought to happen here is that the Big Oil execs ought […]

The Jeremiah Wright stuff is not really about religion, it’s not even about racism. The racism is in the Democrat Party. Let me tell you what the Reverend Wright stuff is really all about. It’s religious to the extent that he’s a pastor. What the Jeremiah Wright stuff is all about is: Just who the […]

Liberalism is the greatest enemy this country faces, because too much of this country is ignorant. It’s the most expensive commodity we have, ignorance. If there were half the education in this country that there used to be, liberalism would have died long ago. It would still be around but it wouldn’t be anywhere near […]

Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness concept — the Democrats and Liberals are not for life, they’re not for liberty, they’re not for the pursuit of happiness. How can they be for life when they’re sponsoring and have sponsored and promoted and have promoted abortion as a political objective over the years. Liberty, what liberty? You […]

in California, the state, for years, for whatever reasons — fuel economy, global warming, pollution emissions — urging people left and right to buy smaller cars, more economical cars, cars that get more miles to the gallon. As is the case, here in a state as populous as California, you’re going to have enough sheep […]