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I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

Folks, this is the 6th of June. I realize that many of you know what the significance is of the 6th of June, but if all the adult Americans alive do not know what today is, then there is something very, very wrong. If every journalist, if every pundit, every blogger, every member of the […]

Big Oil is under the big spot lights in the Senate. The Senate Judiciary Committee headed up by Senator Pat Leahy is grilling Big Oil, as they always do when these prices jump to points that have the public outraged, and of course what ought to happen here is that the Big Oil execs ought […]

The Democrats are still beside themselves over President Bush in Israel at the Knesset saying that Barack Obama — well, the Democrats are saying he was talking about Obama. The White House has denied that. This is the president yesterday in Jerusalem at the Knesset. THE PRESIDENT: Some seem to believe that we should negotiate […]

Today, ladies and gentlemen, I address the Democrat superdelegates. It must be apparent to you “supers” that Senator Obama will not lead you to victory in November (painfully, obviously), but you fear that denying him support will create a permanent fissure between black voters and the Democrat Party. No Democrat has the courage to examine […]

With rising prices, food riots, and uncertainty over food supplies worldwide, Democrats want more money. “This is the worst global food crisis in more than 30 years,” says Democrat senator Dick Durbin. He seeks a $200 million increase for international food relief programs. Meanwhile, Tyson Foods — one of the world’s largest food producers — […]