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New Orleans had been run unchecked and most of the state as well, for 60 years, by liberalism.

It was a microcosm of exactly what will happen to a country or community where liberalism has total control. You saw people unable to help themselves, unwilling to help themselves, incompetent in that area.

You saw a government that was ineffective in evacuating all the people out of there, even though they had numerous buses at their disposal…

– and then, in the aftermath, we saw the breakdown of civility and law and order and a number of other things, and then the liberals started talking about, “Boy, it’s just such a shame. We’ve lost so much of the wonderful culture, the vibrant culture of New Orleans,” and, in large part, they were talking about the slum areas, the poverty areas! Somehow, they were upset.

Let’s try it a new way in New Orleans, great opportunity.

And, lo and behold, Bobby Jindal comes along, runs for governor, and says, basically, he’s going to implement such a plan. He was on Fox News Sunday , and Chris Wallace said to him, “Obviously your biggest job is going to be continue the rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. What are you going to do about it?

JINDAL: New Orleans had challenges before the storms. Let’s not pretend like the storms created the crime problems, the housing problems, the educational problems. The storms created a lot of new problems, but they’ve given us a chance to fix problems that were plaguing what I would call one of America’s greatest cities even before the storms. Let’s be bold. Let’s make some real changes. Let’s not just rebuild the failed public housing complexes. Let’s not rebuild the failing public schools. We have a very aggressive charter school, a very aggressive reform movement taking root in New Orleans. Let’s be aggressive. Let’s not rebuild the large public charity hospital without also helping people afford private preventive coverage. One of the most effective programs down here has been a Go Zone program that has reduced taxes, giving tax advantage treatment for people that want to invest down here.

Wipppeee! Now, how did this happen? How did Bobby Jindal end up getting elected in this state that’s been run by liberal Democrats for all these years? Remember after Hurricane Katrina, the focus in the Media was how the Bush administration didn’t care because of the people’s race down there, and may have even rigged those levees to flood! I mean, the conspiracy that abounded!

Bush wanted the levees to not hold so that New Orleans would be flooded. He wanted all the residents out of there, because he wanted the state to become Republican. All of these conspiracy theories abounded.

Now, you tell me: How in the world did Bobby Jindal win down there? If the focus of the Media was so much on the incompetence of FEMA and how Bush didn’t care, and how Bush was a racist, and how Bush might have even steered the hurricane, how they knew it was coming, but nobody properly warned anybody.

I’ll tell you how it happened.

People in the Louisiana know full well that it was the local and the state people that made a mess of things down there, both before and after, and they simply got fed up with it.


Transcript: Louisiana Gov.-Elect Bobby Jindal on ‘FNS’

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