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Now, there’s so much media conventional wisdom that’s wrong, and one of the things that was forever wrong during the amnesty bill debate was, from the Republican side, they said, “We have got to show these people that we care about them and they’re the backbone of America because we’ve gotta get these votes. We’re alienating these Hispanics and it’s not going to be good.”

That’s what the whole thing was about, anyway: the pursuit of votes by both parties. So the conventional wisdom almost always is wrong, and this story yesterday gave evidence of that, of how these people came out and said, “We’re voting Republican.” They resent all the illegals and all of the efforts to make them legal without having to go through the process that the people who have gone through it have had to endure.

They resent it, and they’re voting Republican.

They’re registering to vote as Republicans.

Now, obviously, they are not as many naturalized citizens here as there are illegal immigrants. But it does turn things on its head,

The two big issues in the general election next year are going to be taxes and illegal immigration. The Democrats are wrong on both sides.


They’re not quite yet up to speed, but they’re getting there on just how precarious their position on illegal immigration is.


New York Post: On Thursday, “Hillary Clinton came under fire yesterday from immigration supporters for her flip-flop on allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses. On Wednesday Clinton stunned advocates by announcing that, as president, she would not support giving licenses to illegals, after indicating recently that she favored the move.”

Somebody needs to tell Mrs. Clinton that presidents have nothing to do with driver’s licenses. Those are done by the states. So whether she supports it or doesn’t support it or is going to demand it or stop it — she can’t do either.

Look, it’s very simple.

If you’re going to give an illegal person a legal document, which is what a driver’s license is, then you are, by virtue of that, making them legal.

A driver’s license is a legal document.

If you give one to an illegal, then you’ve just made them worthless.

Show me a country that has not had an interest in who gets into it. Every country that has borders — and every country does — is worried, except the communist countries which try to keep people in. But everybody tries to control who gets into their country.

If you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country.

The Democrats don’t care about any of this. This was simply a move for illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses so they could register to vote.

Democrats want and need those votes in the states and throughout the country.

The point here is that the Democrats clearly want illegals to become citizens by fiat, by waving of a magic wand.

Where everybody thought the Republicans were going to end up being in trouble on this, with each passing day with this story in the news, it’s the Democrats who are learning that they have a much bigger problem here with this issue than Republicans do.

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