Frustrated Incorporated
I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

You know, today’s the fifth anniversary of going to war in Iraq, and I listened to Barack Obama and I listened to Clinton and all the other Democrats trash President Bush, and I got to thinking…
I wish that Senator Obama were as tolerant of our president as he is his pastor.

Do you realize the things that Obama and Clinton and all these Democrats have said about George W. Bush the last five years? There has been no tolerance, and there has been no attempt to understand, and there has been no attempt at unity.

In all this talk about Obama being the unifying candidate, go find one instance where he’s reached across the aisle as a Senator in a bipartisan way to promote unity.

It’s all a smoke screen, and it’s a mask. But wouldn’t it be great, from the candidate talking unity and talking tolerance, if he were as tolerant of George Bush as he is of his minister.

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