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I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

The Democrat Party used their Easter weekend radio address to launch yet another attack on the president and our military.

New Jersey Democrat Bob Menendez — ignoring the undeniable progress in Iraq — painted the country awash in corruption and violence (he ought to know; he’s from New Jersey).

He described our brave, successful military as a depleted force with low morale. Instead of focusing on national security, Menendez argued we should “invest” in socialized medicine, spend more on education, and “help” people with their mortgages.

Bush ought to tell us the truth, said Mr. Menendez.

Well, President Bush won’t tell you the truth you need to hear, Senator; he wants to remain presidential. So let me lay it out for you.

Truth is:

National defense is the constitutional obligation of the federal government — not managing socialized health care. Or consumer mortgages. As for education, your party has single-handedly screwed it up in every city and state that you govern — like you’ve screwed up everything else you touch. Why should anyone “invest” more resources for you to squander?

And here’s some more truth:

Al-Qaeda wants us defeated in Iraq, and so do you.

Al-Qaeda lies about our success in Iraq and the war on terror; so do you, Senator Menendez.

Al-Qaeda claims our military’s morale is in the pits; so do you.

Al-Qaeda rejects the idea that we are a just nation, properly at war; so do you, Senator Menendez.

Truth is, Senator, your party’s behavior during this war is beneath contempt. And besides… you can’t handle the truth — even when it stares you in the face.

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