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I just want something simple, like the TRUTH!

Clinton said there was sniper fire and that she had to run. That means she should have heard it, she should have seen people running for cover. She lied!

I was told, “When you are being shot at… that is an experience, you NEVER forget.” And, this is something I believe (this is not an event, I ever wish to experience first hand).

So, lets be honest and get it out there. No spin, no P.C. here… She LIED.

Liberalism is a lie. Liberalism by definition is a lie. Liberal policies, liberal beliefs, liberal plans all fail.

Liberals know it. Liberals are in it for a host of reasons other than end results that actually work.

End results that work, that don’t involve government, threaten liberals. But all of liberalism is a lie. National health care will not work. National subsidized anything will not work.

Nobody in government, nobody in the Democrat Party, none of these presidential candidates has the slightest idea how to run the oil business or the agriculture business or how to do anything in the energy business. And yet they hold themselves out as experts.

They lie, pure and simple.

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and: Liberals and Dems; The simple truth.

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