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A Miracle that Changed the World , The 5,000-Year Leap. — W. Cleon Skouseen Distrust of Power Not Necessarily Disrespect for Leaders The Founders had more confidence in the people than they did in the leaders of the people, especially trusted leaders, even themselves. ¬†They felt the greatest danger arises when a leader is so […]

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As you can see, I took a break for quite a while. The events of the last 3 or 4 months have been flabbergasting to say the least. I have watched and listened in utter amazement. Time after time, I was shocked by the media, by the President, and by our elected representatives. I am […]

“Monsanto Co., the world’s biggest seed maker, said today that it planned to make deeper work force cuts than previously announced, saying it will reduce its staff by about 8 percent to cut costs. In June, Monsanto had said it was cutting about 4 percent of its staff, or about 900 jobs. The new target […]

Last week, John McCain attacked the Bush Administration for wasteful spending, while Obama blamed Bush and Wall Street for economic conditions overall. Both these candidates promised vast improvement if elected. McCain’s version included giving himself some wiggle room on his commitment not to raise taxes. Obama, hopeless as ever, merely offered to change course with […]

This week, the Los Angeles City Council banned new fast food restaurants from opening in poor neighborhoods in south Los Angeles for at least a year. Now, this law will supposedly combat obesity by attracting a better breed of restaurants with healthier food choices. The assumptions here are breathtaking, including the notion that all-knowing government […]